Tartaros - Welcome to the underworld (Game Concept) - A Thread

The Poster for the Game Concept (Made by me and @CamTheChest):-

Discuss and theorise about it.
@CamTheChest and @Khakiasp, don’t spill the beans! :angry:


I have no idea what this is. Some kind of hitman like game?

Looks cool, and from seeing the poster I assume it will take place in the criminal underworld (negatory feces, Sherlock). Could be fun to explore illegal human trafficking, animal trafficking, drugs trafficking, arms trafficking, car traffic rings and bring them all down :).


yeah, I’m with William on this. No idea where to even start on speculation with this :sweat_smile:

I’m guessing this is some Greek-mythology inspired game, with some modern shooter elements?


I will give you two hints:-

  1. It has some business building elements.
  2. It takes place in a fictional island in the Indian Ocean.
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Okay, I am gonna give the details in a Piecemeal. So, here it is:-

  1. The Name and Flag of the Country of the Setting.
    Rakkage Free State

  2. There will be three difficulties :-
    I) Child’s Play :skull:
    II)Serious Business :skull: :skull:
    III)Lethal Profession :skull: :skull: :skull:

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@DrMekar What do you think about this?

New bits of Information :information_source: -

  1. There are five wanted levels :oncoming_police_car:
  • Level One:- Police Sedans/ Coast Guard Boats
  • Level Two:- Police SUVs/ Coast Guard Boats
  • Level Three:- Armed Helicopters
  • Level Four:- Special Police Personnel and Armoured Vans
  • Level Five:- Request and Intervention of the Indian Military, with Armored Trucks, Soldiers and Fighter Planes (Ships and Submarines in Water)

There are also two modes, similar to Watchdogs,
I) Passive Mode:- This Mode is activated when a Crime is witnessed or a Crime Scene is encountered. The Guards around the area will be in an alert state, searching for suspect, until they give up.
II) Active Mode:- This Mode is activated when you are being witnessed by someone, when you do the crime. The Guards would act hostile and try to arrest you or kill you (If Resisting Arrest). Similar to Both Hitman and common Open World Crime Games.

  1. As I mentioned earlier, the Indian Armed Forces will be involved in the Level 5 Wanted Level.
    This is because Rakkage has no army on it’s own, until recently signing a Deal with India, giving military support to the country, in exchange of money and obtaining a small island on the North next to the Main Island.
    The Aforementioned Island is a Naval Base guarded by the Marine Commandos, submarines, ships, snipers and air support.

More info :information_source: -

  1. There are many Criminal Businesses to get into. They are:-
  • Contract Killing.
  • Drugs
  • Prostitution
  • Arms Dealing and Smuggling
  • Contraband trading and Smuggling
  • Robbery
  • Fraud (Scamming)
  • Money Laundering
  • Animal Trafficking
  • Protection and Loan Sharking
  • Extortion.
  • Child Sex Expolitation, Organ Trafficking (Controversial)
    Feel Free to Include and recommend more.

Yes, that is correct, but you don’t bring them down, you become them.


Alright then, I will do my job so badly they will eventually fall down :).

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  1. There is a Disguise Mechanic, similar to Hitman.
    Here, you won’t get a disguise by taking out a NPC, but from uniforms. You can obtain Uniforms in a few ways,
  • By purchasing it in a flea market.
  • By operating a flea market and/or a tailor shop.
  • By Intercepting Laundry Vans.
  • It is also found around the locations of the game, from laundromats to locker, maintenance and armory rooms.

There are Police and Armored Police Uniforms, Blue and White-Collar Worker Uniforms, Gang Attire and even drag. The Indian Navy and Marine Commando Uniforms are the most rare and expensive.
The Disguise only works for those NPCs of lower or same rank, not of the higher rank.
For Example, If you wear the Uniform of a Police Inspector, only those with a higher (Superintendent/Commissioner) rank would see through you.

True, there will be references to Greek Mythology.
The game will have shooter elements, with a high emphasis on stealth.

When I think of it, it is kinda possible, albeit in a convoluted way.
Infiltrate a gang. Screw one job and get yourself arrested.
Snitch on the gang for a lenient sentencing. The Gang falls.
You escape the prison and obtain a new identity. The Cycle Continues.

There are many problems with it, such as the fact you will be killed by your own gang and/or the gang doesn’t entirely get over.

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  1. You can use Legal Businesses as a front for your criminal business. Example,
  • A Green Vegetable Farm, being the front of a Marijuana and/or Heroin/Opium Business.
  • A pawn shop being a front for contraband smuggling.
  • A Private Security Firm being a front for a Contract Killing Syndicate.
  1. The Stealth Aspect.

It has unique stealth takedown animations for unarmed and various melee weapons.
There will be distraction set in the environment, as well as usage of rocks.
You can also take someone as a hostage and either use it as a human shield or tie the person up for kidnapping the person.
Suppressors can be attached to a variety of weapons (Pistol, Shotgun, AR, SMG).
Suppressed Weapons, as well as weapons with unique attachments and certain melee weapons would be suspicious in Cop/Military/Gang Outfits.
All Guns and visibly dangerous melee weapons is outright illegal in the normal outfit and unarmed outfits.

  1. You assign your own henchmen into missions and assignments. This only possible if you attain a relatively high rank in your syndicate.

@William1066 @YellowZR1 What do you think about the concept?
The Good and the Bad? Any Suggestions?

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Looks like a more complicated hit man with management simulation elements?

I have a few question:

  • Do you think the average player can sit down and play the game without feeling overwhelmed?

  • Are you sure all of these things will make the game fun or only be unnecessary additions/ confusing for new players?

It’s very easy for players like me to get overwhelmed in a game. While I love DOOM Eternal (a very complicated and hard FPS), I don’t have enough time to dedicate to learning how a game works and stuff.

Stealth stuff looks a lot like Hitman, it’s the management part that I’m not sure about (unless it’s just a small part of or completely optional).


William makes a point here, and I agree with it. I’ve seen plenty of game features about this game concept from your posts, and there’s quite a variety as well. But I could use some summary/info of what the game is, and what core gameplay this game offers.

Also, I’d like to learn about this game’s narrative. What’s the reason to build up the criminal empire? Is there a story that can be followed, and perhaps some key milestones like story chapters to keep track of player’s progression?

Finally, as a huge car fan (no, not the cooling one), I’ve seen some police vehicles mentioned in the wanted level explanation, and that’s good. So I’d assume there will be drivable vehicles in this concept? It will be fascinating to see what kind of cars and trucks that this game will likely feature. Ideally, the selection should fit in the time period and the location (in this case India) that the game sets in.


Thanks for the feedback! :+1:
So, Let us see what you all have asked.

Actually, Contract Killing is not the main focus here.
It is a Persistent World Simulation, which is a blend of Conventional Open World Crime Games like GTA and mafia, for example, and management and strategy simulations like Cities: Skylines, Trains Simulator, etc, also with an emphasis on stealth.

No, there is a fair chance that they will be overwhelmed by it. But, Just because it is overwhelming, doesn’t mean it is bad or anything.
For Example, EUIV, a strategy game, is a game I like. Though, It has a load of features and it is not easy to invade a country like that, I still find it enjoyable.

It will make the game fun for players, but for not every player.
This game concept doesn’t rely on current gaming trends, so that it just becomes popular and profitable.
It is meant to cater to a niche audience who are interested in such things, just like Hitman.

Stealth is the optional part, while the management part plays an important role in bringing profit to your criminal enterprise and expand it.

Like what I have said earlier. Also, The One and Only objective of the game is to be the king of the Rakkage Underworld.

Since it is a Simulation, there is no defined linear narrative, which makes it distinct from the other crime open world games.
However, there is a lot of lore and a well-defined world of crime and how it interweaves with the rest of the society. There are crime gangs, politics, varieties of people, conspiracies, dirty secrets you will find in the game.
You won’t be spoon-fed a narrative, instead you create it yourself.

Of course, there will be drivable vehicles.
Rich and expensive cars are rare, so you will mostly find old 2000s model cars, lorries and buses, similar to the real-life maldives.
Armored and Police cars are impossible to open, even with lockpicks. So, you need keys found in police stations/precincts or Small Explosives.
Correction: The game will take place in the present day and the Rakkage island is based on both Lakshadweep and Maldives.

Hope your doubts are cleared here.

  1. Special NPCs
    Not just Henchmen and muscle power are helpful for your interests, it is careful planning and intelligence.
    There are special Non-armed NPCs which be useful and helpful to you. The types of such NPCs are:-
  • Hackers - They are capable of hacking into secure servers of secure places. Useful in Robberies and finding blackmail material, for example.
  • Forgers - They can forge many documents, like IDs, Certificates (Birth, Death, College,etc), Visa and Passports.
  • Informers - People willing to give and find information for a Price. It can range from the lowest of the society (Homeless, Street Cleaners, Hookers) to the Highest (Cops, Businessmen and Government Officials).
  • Business Advisors - These Business Advisors when appointed, gives you tips on how to manage a Criminal Empire and cover-up your shady transactions.
  • Lawyers - Lawyers are useful in getting away from a criminal charge.
  • Workers/ Employees - Used in the production and manufacturing of criminal goods, as well as clean up and maintain your home.
  • Fiance/Spouse - Encouraging and Supportive to you. Will be heartbroken if you are unmasked as a criminal, though there is a moderate chance, he/she will support you.
  1. Recruits and Associates
    Recruits are a type of associate who are a recruit to be a henchmen. Consists mostly of young angry men.
    Useful in breeding new henchmen, as well as a scapegoat and/or a tactical tool.
    The Definition of Associates can also include Informants and important people associated with the syndicate, without being a part of it. (Businessmen, Corrupt Cops and officials,etc.)

More information :information_source: -

  1. There is another Island near the main land.
    It seems like a lighthouse, with a few sailors operating it. But, then there is something which lies behind it. People suspiciously come and return in this island. Check this secrets out and find various gadgets and other cool stuff.
  2. Intel -
    You can collect intel about everything, from shady deals, Places under game control, dirty secrets and so on.
    This intel is obviously useful.
    You can record these intel in a Phone and maintain your contacts (Cops under your Payroll, Rival Gangs and your cronies).
    You can obtain intel from your network of informers and your accompanied hackers and lastly, from others’ phones, laptops and other items in any restricted area, similar to Hitman.
  3. Enemy Informants
    Here is the part about informants that I left out.
    Enemy informants, are by default, hostile, though they can be either bought out or blackmailed to your side.
    They can be Police CIs or Associates of Rival Gangs.
    A minor threat in the First Difficulty, while being a pain in the a** in the Hardest Difficulty.
    You have to be wary of them, as they will inform of any of your criminal activities, and as a result, your businesses would get destroyed or you lose your men or even worse, get arrested yourself. (which would make you lose all your wealth)