Technical test for Free Lancer

Do we get the full version of the game? and do we get to keep it when the testing is over? I have HM3 on epic but would like to have it on steam ((where I will be testing))

It’s not really the full version… like, at all. You only do things in the select (not all) locations that the different Dossiers send you to. And the testing will end sometime Monday. But it’ll still be free on January 26th. So you’ll just need to wait in the meantime.

So no. You won’t have access to things like Featured Contracts or any (normal) locations/missions, etc.

Edit: To be able to test it… You’ll need to register your interest. Then you might be sent a code for the Steam version, then another key to activate it.

You might try to get it if you have a fast enough internet connection. But you’d still need to wait on getting the email… And who knows if they’re still sending those out at this point. :man_shrugging:

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Nope, you’re only getting access to the Freelancer mode. When the testing is over, the Closed Technical Test application will be unplayable and you will need to uninstall it. Unfortunately, most of the keys to join the Closed Technical Test are already gone. It looks like IO’s giving out 10 keys a day on Twitter, so you can try to get one there.

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I have a key
but not sure its worth the hassle