That HMF member with access to

Hey there! I would have just browsed through my HMF history to find the answer and the person i’m looking for, but seeing as HMF once again got rebooted and all the old shit was deleted, i decided to make this thread.

So on old HMF there was this dude i spoke with who had access to the highly exclusive and secretive video game archive site,, where they store leaked beta builds. I don’t remember the guy’s name or anything about him, other than the fact he promised to help me by providing me with data i desired from the site. Perhaps it was possibly the famous @Notex (not sure) given your modding history.

If you, the person with access to BetaArchive, ever see this thread, please contact me. is still up if you want to look through your post history


Here one of the users already made a whole copy of old forum


Greatly appreciated Spods! <3 :green_heart:

Thanks! I’ll check it out now!

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@HSRGV Just letting you know that this subdomain will be deleted on 31st of March

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Thanks for letting me know!

@Notex I checked the old HMF and found our old posts. You were indeed involved in the chat regarding Betaarchive. Did you ever try to gain access there again? Do you know anyone with access?

I did have access for a short while but they ended up deleting my account since I never posted anything in their forum so my account was “inactive”.

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Speaking of archiving the old forum, I was archiving some pages from on (holy shit that is a lot of archives). Saving some more important stuff like Things About Hitman You Just Found out, Screenshot Thread etc. Unfortunately images don’t seem to be saved and only portions of the pages are saved in general.

Thankfully we have @Notex’s archive. You still intending to add a search feature, Notex?

Not sure. Been a while since I’ve touched it. I’m thinking I should definitely upload it to though.

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Sad to hear that :frowning: . Did you happen to befriend anyone there? Or know anybody who can access the site. It’s impossible to get in there these days… well it’s really hard in general.

Haha nope sadly.