The add add-on for free lane Makeshift and Street Art pack

Are these add-ons support to show up in your freelancer inventory or not? Mine is now showing up and they have both been installed

You can buy the items from the Suppliers or from the reward crates


There was a 6.99 dlc they released for freelancers I got it but it is not showing up in my equipments

You have to find or buy the items in-game.

Yep :+1:shame really as it doesn’t really give you any benefits in freelancer buying the DLC early game

I bought it knowing I’ll likely never use any of the weapons included - just to support IOI since the Freelancer mode itself is free. I guess I felt like they should get something for all the content they’ve produced.


That’s why I bought it too cuz I have every hitman game and I wanted to support them too but they missing

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you have to buy them in game, from suppliers, or get them in reward crates, they are available for you since you bought the dlc.