The Ark Society initiate bug

This is my first post since the forum moved to this new location so hello again, everyone.

I’m making the topic to talk about a bug I encountered in the Ark Society mission. Maybe bug is the wrong word to use here - more of an oversight by IO. There used to be a bug report topic back in the day but I couldn’t find one here.

Basically, I started the initiation process with Zoe after taking the initiate’s suit and knocking on the door. I went though the interrogation telling the truth to the end and completed the questioning. However, when I was supposed to get dressed in the Ark member uniform, I realized I had already taken that disguise earlier leaving an empty coat hanger on the wall. When Zoe approaches it, she gives a confused comment and then just walks off through the kitchen area. After 15 seconds or so, I got a “trespassing” state in both the kitchen and initiation areas.

So basically the devs forgot about this edge case where you already took the disguise before going through the initiation. I’m not sure if the devs still frequent these forums and frankly I’m not sure how much support Hitman 2 is getting these days with the development of Hitman 3 but I’d love to see this fixed as it was quite immersion breaking when it happened.

Judging from your description, I fail to see this as a bug. Rather I think this is an intended design.

There’s this timed trespassing/hostile area thing, which can be seen in some levels. For instances, Bangkok’s basement. It turns temporarily trespassing for any staff during Ken Morgan’s meeting, even though it’s not under normal circumstances.

Anyway, in your case, the initiation area/dungeon is probably trespassing for initiate disguise, except when the initiation sequence take places. So naturally it turns back to normal once the mission story is completed. You need to take the robe on the hanger to avoid such situation.

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It’s not the trespassing state per se that I see as buggy, it’s the fact that the whole mission story just sort of spazzes out if you just so happened to have taken the outfit previously. Zoe just walks away without saying anything to the player and if you follow her as she said, you get a “trespassing” state. It’s silly that you walk down the corridor with guards ceremoniously watching in lines in this whole fancy “ritual” and then at the end Zoe goes “lol what” and then just abruptly walks away as you get a trespassing state. It looks clear to me that this is something the developers didn’t think about, the way things play out is just completely unnatural.

You go through the trouble of collecting the tokens and being interrogated on an electric chair and then as you’re about to be accepted into the most secret society in the world, the leader of said society just goes “uhhh?” at the lack of a member uniform and then walks away from the ceremony? In my book, clearly an oversight.

Having a new uniform spawn even if you had taken it previously would be a good and simple solution, because it can be assumed one of the guards in the area put a new suit there while you were being interrogated.

I don’t think it’s a bug. I guess IOI didn’t think about it or couldn’t finish the part for some reason.

Well I did hesitate calling it a bug in the OP, I preferred calling it an oversight. But just because there isn’t a catastrophic failure in the game’s code doesn’t mean it’s working as intended. This is at the very least a janky oversight in an otherwise polished game, and it can be fixed extremely easily, by just respawning the outfit during the interrogation.

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There’s a possibility that this is what they intended. They might have made players escorted by a guard without making another event using existing trespassing mechanics.

If this is intended, I think they couldn’t finish the part and came up with a cheaper but easier solution.

Actually, it’s a little disappointing that such a hole exists in the game.

There are many lose ends of mission stories I think. I hope @Kent reposts his “Improve Location XY” threads because he did really good at analyzing them.

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I’d like a thread like that. I’d like a general improvements to the game thread too because I have a few. Even if it doesn’t really reach IOI’s drawing board it’s fun to discuss. I might make the thread myself.

On a related note, even though we’re not really talking about bugs or oversights here, I feel like the Ark Society was more rigid with that it allows you to do compared to other missions. That is, if you don’t play the various mission stories and opportunities exactly as intended you run into these dead ends. An example is Janus’s wake, I spent literal hours trying to figure out how to start it without actually pretending to be Janus. I was running around trying to figure out where to put the dagger or who to give it to in order to initiate the wake but realized it (probably?) can’t be done. Most of the time the game lets you put things into motion without actually involving yourself directly, so the few times it doesn’t feel off.

I’ve been considering it, but I feel they are of varying quality (and have had varying reception) so I’m unsure about how to deal with it if I do.

We’ll see.

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I am having a different bug on hitman 2 Mumbai the culinary trip feed the crows i can’t find any type of info on this…I am truly thinking about not preordeting…