The Bar of Soap

This is a silly question, I know. But I need to know if the soap bars in Hitman 3 are just throwing distractions, or if they can be used like the banana peel. I naturally assumed soap = slippery = SA pacification, but so far everyone has walked right over the soap.

I’m guessing it’s not supposed to be like the banana, but I need to be sure.

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Yeah it’s weird that hasn’t been how it was implemented. I’d have preferred more pacification stuff.

Maybe if it’s placed in a puddle of water?

So open faucet lures someone. They walk over the soap… Woops! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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If you throw soap at someone’s head they fall down without getting truly knocked out, just like with muffins/ hamburgers/ apples/ etc.

It’s not exactly like a banana per se, but more of a generic food item reskin. Has the knockdown throw ability but not the accident KO slipping feature.

Like the generic food items, you can use soap for a gimmicky kill by softening up the target with bullets first, then killing with a throw, even though soap and other such items are not listed as lethal melee. Example:

Soap is such a clean hit.




Well, that’s a bummer. Could have really opened up some interesting SA strats.


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Yeah I was pretty bummed when I tried to place it as a trap for people to slip on and it didn’t work. Such a missed opportunity :frowning:

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Making it an alternate banana peel seems like something they could actually do in a patch, unlike a lot of other changes people ask for.