The challenge (estate wines) on pc

In Mendoza (Argentina)
the challenge is impossible to unlock…
i pick up all three bottle and nothing

You have to run across all the location and collect three different bottles of wine.
I don’t think the bottles should be specific. Just three different ones

Try starting at the default location where you meet Diana (not the car park you unlock) and collect all three types of wine from there.

Starting location and suit/disguise doesn’t matter.
It’s just three different wines needed

It’s notoriously bugged this one, like the one in Berlin where you get the pills for the guy outside the club entrance.

I just tried and it doesn’t work…
it doesn’t register

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Sorry about that. I’ve got friends on Xbox in the same situation. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next patch. It’s been reported multiple times.

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yes man thanks for your help ! have a great day !

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I got that challenge to pop the first time I picked up all three bottles (they’re all in the basement of the winery I think) on PC.


That seems to be the general experience. Those that did unlock it got it on their first playthrough. I was warned about this issue, so I didn’t exit the map until I’d got all three. It seems that once you’ve picked-up one of the bottles, if you don’t get all three before completing the mission, then you are forever locked out of any more registering on your next playthrough. It’d be interesting to hear if anyone did it across more than one playthrough.

However, I heard that someone tried starting at the default location and, although the ones that had been found didn’t register again, when the missing bottle was picked up the challenge unlocked. In most cases I imagine it would be the Pinot Noir because it’s the hardest to find. But clearly that doesn’t work for everyone, because @samichoubs tried it and it didn’t work. :frowning_face:

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plenty of bugs like this. “Discover Berlin” and “Clean House” in Apex Predator have bugged out for me. I’m just glad they’re not needed to reach mastery 20. Otherwise, you’d have to grind target eliminations and hiding bodies. hope thats not the case for the op.


Many of us still want to do all challenges though, so let’s hope they fix some of these. Especially discovery ones, where I’m worried because there’s no way I know of to make the map undiscovered again.


They’ve managed to fix bugged Discovery challenges in H2 before, so you’d hope they can get these ones sorted in H3 too.

I found the problem on pc !
1.%appdata% in the window bar interactive
4.the folder with a lot of number
6.take all the folder save it in a new folder on window office (just for back up )
7. return to the game and pick up the bottle the challenge will pop up
8. 2 files is gonna be create delete them before put the original
9. return all original save folder to the original place
sorry if my english is bad
im french


That’s a very impressive find. Hopefully others on PC with this problem might spot this and it helps them. :+1:

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lul fair enough, it doesn’t annoy me as much to see some missing challenges.