The Classics Challenges Bug

I’ve completed SASO x 5 and SA x 5 already, but it’s showing 1/12 and 1/17 for the x 12 and x 17 challenges.

Sniper Assassin is showing 1 only as well when I’ve done at least a few of them.

Anyone else having the same problem?

I’ve also went back and done a few SASO / SA / Sniper Assassin for a few missions, not updating at all.

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same here:/ I have done almost all classics but before patch I had 12/17 sniper assassin challange complete and now i have 1/17 and if I played random map which i dont have sniper assassin and i done it , challange count for sniper assassin but no for 17 sniper A for reward .

I have the same problem on PS5. I was only 1 away from having 17 out of 17 on silent assassin and now it says 1 out of 17. Same with the sniper assassin challenge and the silent assassin suit only challenge.

This may be a bug that has something to do with the Featured Contract challenge counter reset, which was implemented in the latest update. I’d like to suggest anyone here who experienced such issue to report this bug via IOI’s official support. You may send your request here.

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Good thing I’m not the only one then, thought my profile is glitched.

So it’s just bug from new patch, should be fixed in a later date then.

I don’t think they ever read emails, never got any response for mine. Replied to the bug thread, probably more useful.

Same bug just happened to me, silent and silent/suit assassin challenges went from 15/17 to 1/17 :confused: