The current state of the Hitman Community

It’s been around 6 months, and the game just keeps feeling staler. If that’s a word anyway. The forums keep getting quieter, and it might just be me but there’s always lesser topics. I don’t know what I’m getting to, but I’m just trying to put my mind on paper.

Every time I log in, I get a peak in anxiety, of this site slowly dying out throughout the years. In a year already, it feels like what happened to Sub Rosa if anyone played it. Everything feels as if it’s falling apart, less leaks, less threads, less replies, less likes, and it keeps getting smaller. There’s less content, less views, less updates etc etc.

I just wanted to share my mind, but hey, if this place is gonna go quiet for a while, I’ll miss it.

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All that I can say on a topic is that everything changes as time flies.
Things can’t be stable for a long time period in this world.
There can just be lull periods if we are talking about our forum exactly.
We didn’t get a lot of new content for past month or two, so I guess it’s just not a lot to discuss here, thus the forum might got a bit silent.
But just in a few when we’ll get news about Year 2 content, I guess forum will back to be more active.
Plus it’s a festive period now getting to an end. It was time to spend some time offline, with friends, family etc, so it’s not surprise that forum got quiet these weeks.
But everything changes in this world. This “lull period” will change too


It’s been silent, even when we got updates. Think august, still pretty silent

the updates and content over the course of 2021 were not interesting to a lot of people. so it only makes sense that the community died down a bit. we’ll see an uptick in activity starting January 20th.

and Hitman is a much more established and well known IP than Sub Rosa, as much as i love that game


year two is bringing a new map and a game mode and its going to be revealed in 10 days or less lol
don’t lose hope just yet :sweat_smile:


We moderators are able to look into the statistics of this forum.

Last January we had 600 new topics and 20,000 new posts.
This year’s January is not over though, so let’s look at last December, knowing that the holidays make it less easy to compare, though the trend should fit. Remember we have no December before that to compare it to.

December we had 55 new topics and 5,000 new posts.

So yes, the interest went down. But I am curious how it looks like with Year 2 content. :slight_smile:

Still we have to get used to the idea that after Hitman 3 the places that talk about the franchise will get quieter for a while.


There is not really anything out of the ordinary, I been a member of HMF since 2011 and I lurked for a few years before I signed up. The forum have always seen an increase in members and interest around the launch period of each title. It’s only natural that with each announcement and release the interest of more or less anything, rises.

We are now in the post release phase, it’s the regular visitors that keeps coming back to discuss the franchise and off topics. Mainly because they enjoy the forum and the community. A lot of the new users who signed up around release did it because they sought help for specific problems, some stick around and some leave.

Those of us who stay, we will keep the wheels turning.


The blank forum has been launched late December, well, and the game launched in January, so this is not a phenomenon that this time last year was a bit of more active than just now

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I would not say that the forum relaunch added too much to the activity. Some stuff had to be reposted, but other than that the activity is likely comparable to what had been if we went through the H3 release on the old forum. If it was able to.

It’ll probably be low for a few years and then skyrocket once a new Hitman game comes out, with a bit of uptick when Project 007 releases in the meantime. I’ve seen the same thing happen on numerous other forums for series that were essentially done, and then once new legitimate content came back they exploded; Resident Evil, DragonBall, Teen Titans, etc… I don’t think the forum will be any different.


I’m absolutely sure this year’s content will revive the interest in Hitman as a whole. Hell, might aswell bring back focus to more mainstream audiences too.


Don’t worry about that. The official Hitman forums are used to have some times of quietness, but also mostly a lot of involvment from the members putting up some interesting and creative topics and ideas throughout the year :slight_smile:

I’m sure that with the Year 2 launch most of the people will be back and get more involved into the discussions :+1:

Time will tell!


You might say that things sometimes have to go…Silent.

I haven’t even played the new trilogy, largely because I’m a PC gamer with not-so-great hardware, but I was still hyped to find this forum. Came by just to talk about the classics and enjoy the community. It might be a tad quieter than other forums I’ve known, but I kind of like it that way. Seeing a lot of familiar names and faces in each thread. Mods are friendly and present because they don’t have as many randos and bots putting extra agita on the plate, it feels like.

I first joined the original forum around 2012. I’ve not been on much for the better part of the last 12 months since post H3 release. I’ll still find myself coming online to look at what people are up to but I’m hoping the season 2 reveal for H3 will bring me back more often.