The Diana Burnwood Fanclub

The Lucas Grey fanclub has just been launched, so I thought it deserved some healthy rivalry.

As I’ve said many times on here, Diana is easily my favourite HITMAN character. She’s intelligent, refined, and one of the few characters who clearly has a conscience and a sense of morality, yet she can still be a femme fatale when required. Given how closely she has worked with 47, her physical appearance in Mendoza was, in my opinion, long overdue.

What do others like or dislike about Diana?


There are two types of Diana to me.

I like 2000-2006 Diana for being so mysterious yet always in the know.
I like modern Diana for showing more of her actual personality and being more in the spotlight.

Both are good, Diana is great and the series wouldn’t be the same without her. Although I do wish she wouldn’t talk over others so much, that’s a little rude.

As a character she is my favourite character in the series, although I will say she isn’t my favourite handler. As much as I like Olivia, Agent Smith and even Grey, the series would be be worse without Diana. She’s the glue holding things together.


diana is the goddamn queen.


Of course that distinction needs to go to Clera for her ability to be there when Diana isn’t.




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Madlads :stuck_out_tongue: I’m gonna put this thread on Watch though

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Me being a Diana Simp, I’ll join in.


Lol @George_the_Aspie beat me to it!

Diana is the model of a professional badass. She’s very rarely flustered, always has control of the situation (eventually) and, as I’ve said many times before, she keeps giving 47 extremely form fitting outfits to start levels in, even when they’re completely unnecessary. What a fucking legend.


I always think of there being three types, because I think her personality in Codename 47 hadn’t quite formed yet. Partly due to her not being voiced until Silent Assassin, and also, unless someone can prove me wrong on this, I’m not sure if they had made her British at the point. There’s a couple of her lines in Codename 47 that seem a bit out of character in retrospect to me, makes her sound more American in a couple of sentences.

Interesting. Like what?

It’s been years since I played Codename 47, so I had to trawl through the wiki for Diana’s briefings. Most of it is in character but then you get a couple of things like:

Our intelligence department has stumbled across a weird fact that you should know. It seems that Lee Hong, Boris, Frantz Fuchs, and Pablo all served in the French Legion together. If that is a coincidence, it is one weird coincidence…

Don’t think Diana would ever use the word “weird” like that. Think she would say something like “unusual”.

"We have to move fast. Boris is getting ready to leave Rotterdam! You will be inserted next to the quay where Boris’s ship is located. The area is locked off and the gates are guarded.

Note: we have last minute information that there might be a nuke on-board the ship! The model is old so you should be able to disarm it if necessary."

Our intelligence department is working on a theory that the customers for your last four hits are actually just one person! As I wrote you earlier we normally won’t take part of larger wars. But it turns out that this one customer is very powerful. So powerful that the board of directors has accepted another mission from him.

This was done under the condition that it was the last contract and that another of our agents did the job. The customer accepted the first condition, but refused the second — and the board gave in on that. The customer only wants you! That is understandable considering your track record, but it reeks.

The use of exclamation marks makes Diana sound unusually urgent.

The next mission is very simple so do me a favor — stay cool no matter what happens!

This lines feels very American to me, or another nationality. Doesn’t suit the Diana we know atall in my mind.


She was in her twenties at that point, still working out how many exclamation points are acceptable for work emails lol

Personally, it all tracks with someone trying to seem cool and funny to their work crush and then probably cringing as soon as she hit send.


Haha, I was relying on you being the sole responding voice to this thread, if necessary! :wink:

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Diana is obviously a very strong character: intelligent, well-read, physically attractive, classy, confident, and pitting her against other characters will usually turn out in her winning, because of all these qualities.

But I can’t say I like her. As someone who comes off as rather principled, she breaks her own rules a little too much without flinching and without much explanation. This makes it difficult for me to consider her the example of supreme morality she likes to portray herself as, and makes me consider her hypocritical. She has the advantage of being our, 47’s, only source of information for a long time, but those slide shows explaining how bad the targets are only offer one side of the story and mainly serve to justify her role as both judge and executioner, with 47 being her own guillotine. A role she relishes but rarely acknowledges. From a judge I expect more moral steadfastness, and a much smaller (economic) interest in the execution that follows.

I also don’t like the way she treats 47. He considers her a friend, obviously, but I see very few signs she considers him more than a tool (again, haven’t reached the end of Mendoza yet, but saw some small spoilers that give an indication of what’s about to happen). I am sure her great confidence in 47’s abilities helps her sleepa t night and make peace with her choices, but it’s an understatement to say she has sent 47 in quite dangerous situations, often without him being clued in in advance. At the start of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, she’s the one who reeled 47 back into the life he didn’t really want. Father Vittorio showed appreciation for 47 as a human being, Diana (and the ICA) were seeing him as a highly effective asset for their career (organisation).

Whenever you get an “Agent Down”, “Mission Failed” screen, it serves to wonder: What will Diana do now? And my feeling is that at the crucial moments, she always has a plan B, which could just as easily be considered her plan A, depending on the perspective.

The ending of Blood Money is very emblematic in that regard. A lot of people didn’t know about the Requiem bonus mission at first, which was the point, because 47 didn’t either. Diana’s plan entailed a very high risk of 47 getting cremated alive. Oops, accident kill. It doesn’t show great empathy towards him. I’m sure she hopes he’ll make it, but if he doesn’t? Notice how she got the hell out of there before the funeral started, so her own skin was definitely still more important.

I’m not fully informed yet, but I have the impression it’s kind of the same deal at the end of Hitman 3. In case 47 wouldn’t make it, I see Diana very capable of keeping up the ruse and take up the role as The Constant in earnest.

Before The Setup in Codename 47 you could feel her closeness with 47 best, where she warns him something is fishy. But even there, she sends him in anyway, without gear, no less.

This plan B she keeps up her sleeve is her right, and sign of her strength as a character, but given I sympathize most with 47, I can’t help but hold that bit against her.

I guess I won’t become member of this fanclub, but I will say I’m glad she didn’t die in H3, to end on a positive note.


Diana is the handler in an organisation, where people get killed by professionals for money- not really the moral paradise.

I think Diana knows exactly how she needs to handle 47 to be most effective. And in the end, that’s what’s important for getting the job done. It’s not friendly because they aren’t friends. They are first and foremost job partners.

that’s definitely one way to read it. another is that it shows she trusts in his abilities. it seemed like a desperate move rather than a callous one.


Something I really appreciate about 47 and Diana’s relationship is that it’s written in a subtle enough way that everyone can see or interpret what they want in it. I think it’s really well done from the writting team !

Reading this thread remind me when I was playing Contracts with my uncle as a child. I liked A LOT Diana’s voice and I forced him to listen the briefing everytime. Every. Single. Run. I realised now how annoying I was :see_no_evil:


This sums it up very good for me aswell. I like both “versions” of her, but I definitely prefer the modern Diana. It feels alittle as if they created Diana with Jane Perry in mind, her voice and voiceacting. I dont know if its that in particular but Diana really feels real, more than any other character in the franchise.

She easily is my most favorite character in the whole franchise, and one of the best female characters in a video game Ive ever seen.

I like that she is basically the difference of any other female (secondary) main character in recent video games, if we look at Last of Us or Tomb Raider for example. She doesnt live in the shadows of her past, doesnt overreact or loose control of herself, knows exactly how the play the cards she is dealt with, and has an incredible sense of situational awarness that she (as far as I know?) not only once stepped in a trap in her live.

Im sure that in the next Hitman game, we might see “another version” of her, just like the jump from C47-Blood Money to the Absolution and then to WoA. But as long as they keep her core and personality, Im really looking forward to more of her in the future.


Mendoza was great overall, but to have Diana in the field was the icing on the assassin-cake!