The Fallout Series

“It’s said war - war never changes. Men do, through the roads they walk.”

From the West Coast games of Interplay and Obsidian, to the East Coast games of Bethesda, this topic is for everything Fallout.

Game mechanics, Lore, or anything to share about the franchise, this is the place.

Disclaimer : I know that the discussion about the franchise can easily go to heated opinions about the Bethesda/Obsidian/Interplay/bugs/76 lines. So, if it is constructive, go for it. If not, I will curate.

This is a topic of appreciation. :slight_smile:


Did I created this topic just because I didn’t know where to share the latest Noah Caldwell-Gervais video ? Yes.
But I wanted to create a fallout topic for a while now, so it was just the catalyst.

But get ready to hear my (hot) takes on, like, Caesar, or the Followers of the Apocalypse if the topic grows :wink:


i’m only 7 hours in. he nailed what was great about NV and where FO4 fell short. he’s also the only other person i’ve seen praise dead money apart from me :sweat_smile:


as always, noah’s critique was on point.

he articulated my feelings on fo4’s opening better than i ever could; how it takes at face value what the previous games framed as 50’s american dream propaganda. i keep coming back to it because - mechanically - it’s the best of the bunch, but i find i bounce off early, never having gotten past the confrontation with kellog. i’m tempted to try again though; glowing sea and far harbour sound really good.

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Good Work @LandirtHome for creating this post.
I have been playing fallout for a long time.
Lastly Fallout 4 with that juggernaut suit on 2017. The gameplay is very unique - the slow motion scan of body parts (forgot the name) and shooting.
The best part is the eerie feeling on encountering mutants. There are politics with general npc and I felt this game gives a unique feeling of territorial defence - there was a half broken bridge on Fallout 3 I remember was the best mission. I remember the companion npc support (somewhat similar to Metal Gear 5)
The base development - shacks and wall was fun, I remember there was a cheat to do unlimited walls, roofs and object.

Waiting for Fallout 5 …

Whenever I play Whittleton Creek map especially that family party house (in Hitman), I remember the starting location of Fallout 4.


Surely that can’t be true? I was under the impression that DM was generally well-regarded. Annoying maze-like design of the outer areas aside, it was certainly my favourite of the bunch, so I’ll be happy to praise it with you (sure, OWB rocks, but I suffered through 90 % of my crashes in the Big Empty, the enemies were annoying bullet sponges at my level, and overall I just loved the atmosphere and characters/mechanics in DM so much more).


what can i tell ya? it didn’t fair too well at the time. reviews were middling. people didn’t like how linear it was nor how difficult those gasmask nightmares were.


I just discovered that Tim Cain has a youtube channel, where he talks game developement, game design, game industry, and obviously Fallout.

Here he is talking of the influences of Fallout, since this is the Fallout topic.
But I also recommend the rest of his videos. They are very insightful. He has 4 decades of experience after all.


Watched a couple of videos a few months back when I found out about the channel, and it was really cool and interesting stuff (especially the one on the purpose of the vaults). And speaking of info from Cain: