The Finish Line - sabotaging car tire breaks silent assassin?

I bought the HM3 triple thing over Labor Day. I’ve actually never owned HM2 so
I’m playing those missions for the first time.

Doing The Finish Line mission. I sabotaged the car tire. Sierra Knox died in a massive accident,
but soon as it finished the cut scene SA went away. Is that supposed to break silent assassin ?
I checked. I replayed from before I used the wrench thing. SA in in place before and gone after
the cut scene. So is that right? It’s not silent assasin kill? I thought it was since nobody saw me.

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I just went back to watch the cutscene. It doesn’t look like Sierra crashes into other cars, but I really can’t remember if this was SA or not. Plenty of other ways to get her SA though. Sorry to not be helpful. Someone else will know I’m sure.

Yeah. I did the IV poison method, but something broke the story. The race ends and it says call her
on the intercom. It never would let me use it and she wandered into the medic area on her own all the
while the prompt to call her kept up. Then when she dies “story lost” but…

Yeah, at this point I think something is up with Miami. The sabotaging the tire method has never failed SA before, and the one where you kick Robert onto Sierra’s car does the same thing and loses SA, and it never did in H2. I don’t know what the fuck is going on with Miami, but it’s starting to piss me off, and IOI had better get on it soon.


I think there is a glitch that sometimes killing Sierra by damaging her car will be seen as a non-target kill. It happens randomly and it’s not fixed by now.


Must have been a glitch. I re-did the mission from the beginning and it did keep SA.
I’ve seen a bunch of glitchy "seen-but-not-seen stuff ;
“unconcious witness” but knocked them out from behind in a closed room like a bathroom.
I even lost SA on a toilet kill before in the ICA freeform mission. The dead guy was the only one
I’d killed or knocked out but he was an “unconcious witness” even though it said find an exit
meaning he was already dead. That only happened once though.

Some REALLY bad RNG conditions that give it a life of it’s own.

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As mentioned above by others, it’s bugged. Doing this method in H2 always resulted in SA, but in H3 you lose it. Same thing with pushing Robert onto Sierra’s car. It’s been like that since release and they still haven’t fixed it.

The tire is flagged as an NPC and it dies when you sabotage it. I made a contract where you have to kill the tire. See below:

{{image not found}}


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Thanks everyone.
Is this bug worth reporting on the HM3 bug thread?
Since it seems to be a known of -but not fixed- issue ?

Yes you should definitely report it

ever since hm2 ive sometimes lost sa if sierra crashes in a specific way because i think its possible for her to kill other drivers while doing it