The Forger contract

the forger contract timed out . why did i miss the contract. the game never allowed me access to ply the contract before and after timer
i am not happy this is not the first time …help

That’s how elusive targets work, unfortunately, they’re limited time. However, you can play it whenever you want if you go to “Game Modes” on the top tab, select “Arcade” and choose “The Clutches”. You’ll need to complete The Bookkeeper first, and there’s an optional “Headshots Only” complication, but that’s the only (legitimate) option we’ve got. Plus, you can play it even if you don’t own season one!

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i could not play before the timer was a zero. i tried yesterday with 20 hours left .but no acess

Also, seeing your other topic (H3,H2 expansion pack), it is possible that you did not have access to it.

As the roadmap says, the Forger Elusive Target was only accessible to owner of the Hitman 2016 pack.

Requires Hitman Access Pass

If you wish to play it, it is accessible to all under the Elusive Target Arcade, as Kesington indicated.

no i dont own h1 but when i bought h2 expansion the deal dispayed like i stipulated before1

If I understand correctly, you possess :

  • Hitman 3
  • Hitman 2 Access Pass

This does not includes Hitman 2016 Access Pass, which was necessary to play the Forger.

As for the announcement of the transformation of the game into the World of Assassination, with full access to everything.
It has not happened yet.

You will have access to everything the 26th. Currently Hitman 3 is just that, Hitman 3.


thanks for your support. still enjoying the game