The Helping Hand bug?

The Helping Hand challenge in Mumbai

Where you setup the Kashmirian to snipe Rangon and Shah and then you take out the Malestrom as the Kashmiran.

After Rangon is eliminated the Helping hand pops up

After Shah is taken out

It doesn’t pop up 2/3

All the other challenges and mission stories associated did pop up.

So is the artist which is technically 2/3 have a bug ?

You get the Helping Hand challenge by completing three challenges: The Foreman (make Vanya meet with the Laundry Foreman), The Artist (make Dawood pose for the painting so the artist can finish it) and The Kashmirian (make the Kashmirian meet with the Maelstrom).

I’m a bit confused by your description, but it sounds like you’ve either missed Vanya meeting with the Foreman or the Maelstrom meeting with the Kashmirian himself or both.

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I realized my error.

I was dressed as the foreman with the documents and dressed as Kashmirian when chatting with malestrom.

So after after adjusting the scope, once the tube of paint was placed that setup the painter/ Kashmirian taking out Rangon

Then I placed the documents in foreman spot that setup Kashmirian taking out shah

And then I as a elite thug watched the Kashmirian/ malestrom conversation and then I took out malestrom.