The hidden doors and hatches are still always open?

So, basically my biggest gripe with the closed technical test was that for a character as meticulous as 47 is portrayed it is pretty sloppy to just go downstairs in his safehouse through the fridge or the garden hatch and just leave it open indefinetely. You can open the fridge from both sides, but cant close it from either, even though the animations are there, it just needs to play reverse. Same goes for the hatches, the open automatically when you are close to them, but they never ever close again. I think that this is breaking immersion a lot. I was very vocal about it in the technical test and i continue to be so now, because i think its annoying.
You can open and close all the doors in the safe house and all maps anyway as much as you like, but oh no, not the secret doors no one is aloud to know about, no they need to stay open.


That does sound like a very annoying situation. Especially since you can close the secret room in Hawke’s Bay whenever you like. Although, then again, I don’t think you can close the secret doors in Colombia or the surface ladder hatches in Haven once they’re open, so maybe that’s where that came from.

But yeah, we should be able to close up like we’re keeping the basement hidden like it’s meant to be. For that matter, once we unlock the surface level, we should be able to enter Freelancer at other locations on the safehouse property. Let the immersion make it feel like our logging into it is just like 47 having just woken up, showered, had breakfast, and now we can have him work out in the gym, chop some wood, meditate by the lake, or go down to his secret lair and select his work for the day.


Yeah i really dont like it, it such an oversight. The best thing is, after you did a mission you spawn underground and all 3 entrances are closed everytime, but if you go up you need to leave it open.
So I feel like i prepare for a mission donwstairs go up to the helicopter or whatever and just leave the fridge entrance open for a week while 47 goes to the mission. It is literally so easy to fix. Why dont more people complain, is beyond me.


Say hello to the permanent shortcuts which been introduced with HITMAN 3 release.
It was always like this, everywhere.
I never understood why they should stay permanently open.
But here we are

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I think these shortcuts are a different topic and they do not annoy me, but an option is always good to have.

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Yeah, the shortcuts are different, they’re just there for the player’s benefit; in-universe, I don’t think there’s any doors there, just open paths that have always been open, or locked doors that we assume 47 just finds a way to open each time like any other door.

The access points to the safehouse bunker, however, being left open while leaving breaks some of the illusion. I’d like to leave the bunker though the main stairwell behind the kitchen cooler, and have it slide back into place after I leave.

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Still principle as the same as I can work out

At least an option, yes

That’s the thing, you do. You can come into the Safehouse with 47 chopping wood, fishing, doing some interactable action somewhere in the Safehouse (inside or out).

It seems to only happen if you exit the mode and you’re not in the basement, though, and seems to be random. At least, that’s how it’s been with me so far.

It doesn’t matter, you can be anywhere, if you come in from a mission you almost always start in the basement for obvious reasons. Come in from the title screen (between syndicates/campaign as far as I know) and 47 will be interacting with something in the safehouse.

For some reason I don’t really mind this except for the garage door always being open now. That one does irk me a little bit. :sweat_smile: