The Hitman Forum Awards Hall of Fame

"Looking back on this topic I think it was kinda silly for me to start it. I guess it’s all just a bit of fun but still.

Anyways when I start something I have every intention of finishing it and when I first started this I thought it’d be neato to celebrate the winners in a unique way. You’ll probably think this is stupid or something but here it is I guess. Congrats." - ErictheAussie, creator of the Hitman Forum Awards and host of the first awards.

The Hitman Forum Awards have been going for over 5 years now, and hopefully will continue into the future. Sadly the previous 5 years were hosted on the old site, which is due to be deleted very soon. I’m trying to save some of the awards so that we can look back at the fond times of celebrating the best of HMF.

Sadly, the 2017 Hitman Forum Awards were lost because their host, Soar7, asked for his account on the old forum to be deleted by the moderators. When they did that, it took the thread with him. However, we can at least look at the winners of the other four award years, and wait in anticipation to see who will be nominated in the 2021 awards later this year.

HMF 2016 Award Nominees

HMF 2016 Award Winners

HMF 2017 Awards

Lost to time.

HMF 2018 Award Nominees

[Picture Credit: CHAOS_AGENT_45

[Picture Credit: cakeblock941]

[Picture Credit: Tobias_Riper]

[Picture Credit: Kalashnikov]

[Picture Credit: Kalashnikov]

[Picture Credit: Bjojo]

[Picture Credit: Hardware]

[Picture Credit: Physix-Speed]

[Picture Credit: Epic47Sides]

[Picture Credit: Bernardoone]

HMF 2018 Award Winners

Most Popular:

Best Artist:

Best Cook:

Funniest Member:

Best Topic Creator:

Best New Member:

Best Speed Runner:

Most Active Member:

Most Missed Member:

HMF 2019 Award Nominees

HMF 2019 Award Winners

HMF 2020 Award Winners


Can’t wait to see the best ghost mode member of 2021.

Wait :sob:


Also everyone who didn’t create their account in December 2020 is technically a new member.

I knew taking a forum break until January was a good thing.


Could we also preserve nominees? Coz I think being nominated even is an honour

Here’s the 2020 nominee’s. I’ve included new usernames for anyone that’s switched names in the forum change

2020 Nominees

#1 User of the Year

  • cake941
  • MrOchoa
  • IndianAgent47

#2 Best Role Model

  • misterkiller (now Count.Rushmore)
  • cake941
  • TheContractor
  • Urben

#3 Funniest Member

  • SeanBernowicz
  • MrOchoa
  • bourbonade (now Bourbon)

#4 Nicest Member

  • cake941
  • TheContractor
  • Yellow_ZR1
  • scm97tl (now UrsamRableckBearmon)

#5 Best Topic Creator

  • GenericKillz
  • KevinRudd
  • Kent

#6 Most Iconic Duo

  • SeanBernowicz & Accidental-kills98
  • MrOchoa & badeaguard

#7 Most Active Member

  • Accidental-kills98
  • misterkiller (now Count.Rushmore)
  • EvilGeniusRo

#8 Best New Member

  • _Lucas
  • Mini
  • SilentWraith
  • Anti-Gravitas

#9 Most Missed Member

  • David47
  • doom-generation
  • LordShaw
  • ingrobny

#10 Best Artist

  • IndianAgent47
  • Client_Locksley
  • v1deost
  • thetrashypretzel

#11 Best Cook

  • Chef-assassin
  • WritersBlock
  • Mads47 (now Norseman)

#12 Best Contract Creator

  • KevinRudd
  • TheContractor
  • Urben

#13 Best Community Contributor

  • MrMike
  • fortheseven
  • KevinRudd

#14 Best Speedrunner

  • fortheseven
  • mendietinha
  • SANY-72Q

#15 Best Ghost Node Player

  • fortheseven
  • CamTheChest

#16 Best Contract Curator

  • Clemens_IOI
  • MulletPride
  • fortheseven
  • TheContractor
  • KevinRudd
  • Urben

At first I thought you were just being noble and kind to others but then I saw your name there.

I get what’s going on


Alas, you know me not well enough :wink:

But I ran the 2020 awards so I had the list at hand anyways. Thought might as well include nominees. Seeing as there were tight races and some great contenders who lost out


I’m going to try and preserve as much as of the HMF awards as I can save. (Basically not already deleted like 2017, or those stuck in the Regular only areas.) Will try and save the voting and nominees as well when I have the time.

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Where is @erictheaussie anyway?

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His last post on the old forum was August 20th 2020, so I don’t know if he has perhaps taken a break from the forum for the time being, or is here and is using a new username. Still, he is the father of the Hitman Forum Awards. Shame as well that the hosts of the second awards, Soar7, decided to leave, and I think the host of the third awards, Speaker/Default Skin seemed to leave a while ago as well.


Perhaps it’s a cursed position. It was nice knowing you Silver :skull:


Aaaaaw that’s so cool! It was such an honour to win last year! Thank you again for all your votes and I’m excited to see who will be nominated this year!


The only thing I ever won was “most like a moderator” in 2016. What the fuck lmao


Like the madden curse ? :joy:

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Added nominees and voting results for the 2018 and 2019 awards. Will add 2020 ones soon, as well as a bit more content. Hopefully the opening post is able to handle so many image uploads.