The Hong Kong Massacre

An indie game is coming out that has an ex-Hitman dev working on it. Here’s the AMA I found it on:


nice, i like those brutal Games, sadly I don’t own a Switch. Also kudos for sticking to the Name.

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Cool, Hotline Miami vibes. If it would just be on PC too.

played this on ps4. great vibe and looks beautiful, but a little slow coming off of something like hotline miami.

Ehm… It´s been there for almost 2 years now :grin:

You don´t need to. It´s on PC and PS4 as well :wink:

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:sweat_smile: Yeah, like Rimland said, the game’s been out since January 2019 and just came out on the Switch.
I’ve heard good things about it, other than it being a fairly simple and repetitious game. Good first title from the devs though.

oh i completely misunderstood the trailer, i thought it was a switch exclusive lol

Nice I might buy it then.

Lol same. Wasn’t the most clear one. Then I might get it.

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