The issue with Hitman 2 -Hitman 3 transfer progression Error

I want to tell all of the people playing Hitman 2 missions in Hitman 3 when they successfully carried over their progression that you must play the hitman 2 levels each of them once to appear all the unlocked challenges from Hitman 2 into Hitman 3 and to appear the correct number of unlocked and played mission stories ! Until that moment when you try to open any destination from Hitman 2 in mission stories downstairs is written number 0 but you already unlock some mission stories during Hitman 2 play.So this is the final decision for that problem if any of you still experience it just to let you know that it is not IOI Error ,so you must do it in order to appear the correct number of mission stories for each level in the menu of Hitman 3 !