The minimum cost for Prestige Upgrade?

With the Freelancer has shown itself around half a year and the Prestige system has run for a month, I just wonder what is the minimum demands to make the freaking laptop turn on.

As I see, there’re 4 parts of tools/weapons:

  • Freelancer Tools (Explosives, Miscellaneous & Poisons)
  • Vanilla Weapons (requiring no mastery and dlcs)
  • Mastery Weapons (The Ornamental and Ancestral series)
  • DLCs Weapons (The Concrete/Makeshift and Street Art series)
  • The first category shouldn’t be a must as I have checked. But what about the others? Are the Mastery series needed? When we buy DLCs, are those weapons additional requirements?

    No, they aren’t required for Prestige. Though they do tend to fill up most, if not all, of the slots at the vendors.


    Ah, understood. But when I avoid buying DLC stuffs the merchants will continuously recommend them…


    I don’t own the DLC packs, so for people like me, those weapons aren’t required for the Prestige challenges. They also don’t even appear in the game (with vendors).

    But I could swear I read on here that if you own one or both of those DLC weapon packs, they count towards your total when collecting weapons for your wall. Which means more work to level up your Prestige. Maybe @thrison said it!? Or I’m remembering it wrong!? :rofl:


    Either you’re remembering it wrong or the person who you heard it from had it wrong. The DLC weapons aren’t required for prestige.


    But people who own the DLC weapon packs would still do well to temporarily disable the DLC whilst going for the Prestige Challenges so that the DLC weapons don’t appear at Suppliers and ‘block’ the useful weapons that you need to collect to advance your Prestige level.


    Maybe that’s what I heard (been hearing things). :joy:

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    Did anyone ever find a way to disable the DLC on Epic? Uninstalling the two packs on the Manage Add-Ons page doesn’t seem to change anything.

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    Nah, I said the exact opposite.


    I know I heard something… but of course all the details were fucking wrong! :rofl:

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    Sadly the Ancestral / Ornamental stuff is required for prestige :confused:


    What you think IO is that stupid? Nice try.

    You say that as if it is some sort of exploit. It is just turning off DLC. From what I understand, it works to disable the DLC on Steam.