The missing map

Can we get a dlc ski slope/resort map please? You have all the assets needed (Other than skis and snowboards) already! Farm it out to sumo iff you don’t have time.

we have snow only outfits and since we’re robbed of outfit selection in Romania…
You have 50 million players, 5% of whom buying it or upgrading to deluxe would net you 50 million

Also can io only do Japan in snow? xD


My most wanted piece of content is a medium to large, outdoor snow map.

I don’t care what country it takes place in, I just want a snow map.

While it doesn’t inherently have to be a ski resort, I still support it regardless if it is or isn’t.


I still dream of a mission somewhere in a snowy Russian city

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Unfortunately, each employee of IO suffers from a rare allergy to snow. Even virtual snow causes them nausea and diarrhea. Nasty business.

But anywaaay, I wouldn’t hold out hope for a new Hitman snow map. If there was a new map in the making, leaks would probably have been found of it by now.

However, I have a feeling that one of the missions of Project 007 will be a snowy mountain village/ski resort/hunting lodge. It will be the Hitman snow map of our dreams…just in another game. Yep.


IOI have no plans to make another map, period mind you, we can still dream of the perfect map but don’t get your hopes up



And you’ll be able to unlock a bunch of beach-themed cosmetic outfits for your Bond character, with nary a grain of sand to be seen across the entirety of Project 007. :smile:


That’s what IO claim

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In 2022 they said to expect new Maps, maps plural. IDK if SDS counts.

I know. I remember when they originally said it. Still don’t believe it. :joy:

That was Ambrose Island and the Safehouse (yes that counted as a map)



Why create more snow maps when we already have At the Gates? :wink:


Because hitman silent assassin is kinda shit, its so janky and the new games are so slick.