The Music Thread

Owl City announced his comeback recently so here’s a throwback to one of his best songs

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ace slab of metallic hardcore with an angry political statement. B a s e d

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The sound of mountains coming alive

Holy shit! The new BRUTUS song fucking rules. Stefanie sounds like she’s smoked 100 cigs a day since the last album. Incredible singer and drummer.

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Unbelievably, I think I can actually add another song to the list of songs by Taylor Swift that I actually like, bringing the grand total to an insurmountable four:

Love Story, Blank Space, I Don’t Wanna Live Forever, and now Exile.

Of course, in the last two of those four, she’s in duet with someone else, so I guess that would technically only bring it to three if we combine only the halves she sings in those two.

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As I close out the game, a few Rhythm Heaven tracks that are fun

Rhythm Heaven Megamix OST - Spaceball - YouTube
Rhythm Heaven Megamix OST - First Contact - YouTube
Rhythm Heaven Megamix OST - Fruit Basket 2 - YouTube
Rhtyhm Heaven Megamix OST - Frog Hop ~ "Young Love Rock 'n Roll" - YouTube
[Rhythm Heaven Megamix] - Pajama Party (Perfect) (English) - YouTube (song only doesn’t cut it)
[Rhythm Heaven Megamix] - Blue Bear (Perfect) (English) - YouTube (song only doesn’t cut it)
Rhythm Heaven Megamix OST - Cosmic Rally - YouTube
Rhythm Heaven Megamix OST - Final Remix - YouTube

bonus: I wish more endless games were “rhythm/music-based” than “game/challenge-based” Still, the best endless game here is Charging Chicken because it’s extremely satisfying yet nerve-wracking.
[Rhythm Heaven Megamix] - Charging Chicken (English) - YouTube Also chicken heh

This goes fuckin Hard

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Today is Canada Day, eh.


Worked for this band at a show recently and it felt legitimately dangerous. It felt like anyone onstage or off could get injured at any time. I loved it.

ALSO the song they play at 1:13 goes hard as fuck and they need to release that ASAP. Total earworm groove