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Creating a “Mysterious Topic” thread where forum members can post and read topics related to mysterious or paranormal experiences.

Members from around the world may share their experiences or stories they hear. This could be your experience with ghostly castles in Europe, topics related to geoglyphs in South America, or even points or discussions to prove these are not paranormal.

Agent 47 had a ghostly experience once in a hotel in Hitman Contracts and the UFO incident recently in Berlin. I have some undefined experience. Some people may find this topic absurd; kindly ignore this page. Some people may share and hear from others (like me). I am not sure if this topic is permitted in this forum, but feel free to contact me in case of any concern about deleting it.

Posting an experience of mine -

My dad was working for the government, and he, along with my mom and sister, used to get transfers and be posted to different locations, mostly remote towns. I was in boarding school in a neighboring state and visited them on vacation. Around the year 2004, my dad was in Tezu, a small town on the river bank of the Brahmaputra, and in deep jungles. It is in northeast India. I visited my family there in the winter, maybe in November or December. I had made a couple of friends there, mostly the local dudes. We used to play cricket near the banks and return home at dusk.

One evening, I and one dude were late; others went home. We were searching for our cricket ball in the banks (he hit a sixer, and the ball fell far away; the search was long).

Then, while returning, we saw two infant-like bald babies on the far edge of a land in the middle of the river. There was nobody in that area, only us and the forest all around us. (getting goosebumps while writing this.) The Nepali dude was scared as hell like me; he said, Let’s get the hell out of here.

I still remember today that the infants I saw were fair and hairless, and their shoulders were shining. We saw them giggling, playing with each other, and swimming in the water. The left one was turning his heads like meetkats, and I was surprised to see how an infant who is probably 3–4 months old, maybe 6 months (with abnormally shining sholders) can swim like that.

I generally don’t pray to God (unless before an exam), but that time my reflex was praying to all the gods on this planet. I remember we were there curiously and clearly looking at them from the edge of the river for 30 seconds, maybe a minute, and then we fast-walked to our homes.

While returning home and a far distance from there, he said they are “Murkuta”, which is a djinn who lives in water, mostly at river currents. In Nepali, they call it Murkuta, they have candle-fire-like shiny sholders and are like infants. The stories say they are stronger in water and can pull and drown you in water currents, but outside water, they have no power.

The next day, we shared the news and visited that spot with friends, but nothing was there. Some believed our story, some did not, but I cannot forget that day. I still think they are real infants, but how can they swim and be in the middle of the water currents? There was nobody around in that area. And the shining shoulders?
I thought about maybe midgets, but I clearly saw them as baby infants.
I thought for days that they might be rare animals that look like human babies or maybe midgets, but I still cannot justify these points as they were as real as babies. I was not hallucinating, as my friend saw the same. It was not an accident, as the infants were happily swimming in the same spot (accidents could have washed them away in the flow). After a few days,The fishermen there said that some of them witnessed these Murkutas, and they appear only at sunrise, sunset, and night. They avoid them, and they do not bother if you don’t bother them. Some say they are the spirits of dead infants who were washed in the river floods from the remote villages upstream a few years ago or long ago. I still think today, what was that?

Those days, we did not have a mobile phone to record (wish I had one), and we had a Kodak reel camera (only 32 shots). I am sharing some pictures around that area - not that exact spot, however.

I am sharing the exact point on the map here:

Share pictures of area near to the spot with my friends (that dude who was with me is in the middle of the pic, I am behind him) -

The picture of the area taken from the hills -

Excuse the picture quality and resolution, kodak reel camera.


Babies and water, you say? As a matter of fact…

It was back in the mid to late 1980s. We lived in a house that was remodeled from an old church. I was in the living room and thought I heard my mother call me from the kitchen. I go in there to look for her. She wasn’t there. I turn around and go back to the living room. The dining room is between them, and I came across a small puddle of water and some wet footprints, the size of an infant or toddler, about 4 or 5 footprints. There were no babies in the house, nothing that could’ve produced the water… I’m sure I would’ve seen it when I first went past that spot on my way to the kitchen. I looked at it and thought it was very weird. I should also mention that we didn’t have any pets in the house - so it wasn’t an “accident” either. :smile: And even if we did - that wouldn’t explain the baby footprints. My mom was actually on the other side of the house and said she didn’t call me.

I guess I didn’t give it much thought at the time. But I did go back to check it… Most of the water had already dried up by that time.

When the building was a church, it was a Christian/Pentecostal church. If you’re not familiar with what that is… Have fun on your new journey, starting with Google. Anyway. The room this happened in was 1 of 3 back rooms that were either prayer rooms and/or Sunday school rooms. I have some relatives that might be able to tell me. I really should look into that.

My dad (still) lived in that house. He passed away back in November 2021. He was in a hospital at the time and had been there a few weeks when he passed.

One day I was in the kitchen (at my dad’s house) standing on a chair, taking some things off the top of the refrigerator. In the corner of my eye (to my right) I thought I could see my dad walking through the dining room. He looked like he was slumped over, walking in an exaggerated way like he was tired or had just woken up. Looking fully in that direction -of course- nothing was there. My dad was always one to joke around, and the way he was (or how I thought he was) acting was in a joking manner.

If you’re already thinking about it… Yes. The place where I thought I saw my dad was the same area where I saw those wet footprints from when I was a kid.

So that’s pretty much my experience in/with anything I’d consider “paranormal.”

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