The Nintendo Thread

It’s almost march 10th or as Nintendo call it MAR10 day since they usually announce something on the day I’m hoping we get some news about the Luigi’s mansion dark moon or paper Mario the thousand year door remake but at the very least there will be Lego Mario news on march 9th

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The Lego Mario is the biggest shit I’ve ever seen. I hate everything about it from the concept to the pricing.

Look at this piece of shit, l’ll never understand why they tried to make him look like the new games instead of leaning into the N64 Nostalgia and go for the old graphics look with the edges and all. Do you know what i mean? Lego bricks don’t translate well to “realism”

Bowser_N64_3 (1)

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Licensing goes brrrr. I remember when I could get Lego Star Wars for $10. Now I get to choose if I want to eat or build a model.

It’s as simple as modern interpretations of characters have been the quintessential representation of characters. That and Lego’s build quality now focuses on detail given build techniques improved over the last 10 Years.

As someone who is a big advocator for less is more and how what makes LEGO work as a toy for kids is imagination I don’t like the push they made detailing their children play sets. While yes they’re very recognizable now especially for Star Wars it also loses that rough LEGO design where you had to fill in those blanks.

The LEGO Group has always pushed for premium and quality child toys and so they’re always trying to push the goal post for their projects. I think my biggest issue with the brand now is their need to push the Black Label sets aimed for adults.


These are the MAR10 Day announcements I can’t wait to play paper mario the thousand year door for the first time and I’m excited for the sequel for the Mario movie

Also here are the LEGO Mario sets they announced yesterday releasing on August 1st and a teaser for LEGO Mario Kart sets in 2025


Also announced is they’re making a sequel to the Super Mario Bros Movie.

It’s slated for release 2 years from now.


On march 22nd the potentially last Spirit Event for super smash bros ultimate begins this has new spirits for super Mario wonder and princess peach showtime

Personally I wish they chose different games like miitopia Mario + rabbids sparks of hope Kirby and the forgotten land the Mario kart 8 booster course pass and so on but wonder and showtime were probably the choice the least people would complain about either way if this is the last one I’ll miss these random events


Today ( or tomorrow because of time zones ) the Wii U and 3DS online services ( except for Pokémon bank and Poké transporter ) shut down also my switch broke last week and can’t be repaired so that sucks

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New Nintendo switch online games released today

I didn’t know wrecking crew 98 was a thing also the Splatoon 3 spring fest starts soon big man looks very happy


I don’t understand why they’re not releasing the first Super Mario Land (Gameboy) for Nintendo Online. A very glaring omission.


Probably because it sucks balls!



Nintendo has the Indie World Showcase tomorrow at 10am EDT / 3pm UK time.

You can watch it here:


Huh neat


I think what particularly worries me is that Nintendo will continue being behind in terms of hardware standards. I’d like them have NS Cartridges BC, but have select Nintendo games get Enhancement Updates so they run and perform better.

These nso games are out today