The Nintendo Thread

A thread dedicated to talking all things Nintendo, from the NES all the way to the Switch, exclusive games, news, Nintendo Directs, Amiibo etc.

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Nintendo are doing a few discounts in celebration of March 10th, Mar10 Day, like 35% off Super Mario Maker 2, Super Mario Party, Super Mario Tennis Aces, and Luigi’s Mansion 3. Sadly these discounts seem to be only available in the USA and Canada, doesn’t look like the UK store is taking part.

I’ve been kindof focusing on my Switch lately. I want to get a PS5 in the future when I move house but until that happens, I’m focusing on trying to get the Switch games I want to own. Also slowly started to buy Amiibo. I’m not really into action figures, but these are small and cute, and again, when I move house, I plan to buy some nice display cases for my game collection, and think a few of these would be nice decoration. Definetly have no plans to buy all of them or even a huge amount of them, just the ones that I think look good.

Anyway, started playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I’m slowly getting into it, I’m only 3 hours in but the tutorial segments are still going. Hoping to be more enthralled once I fully understand the systems of the game. I also bought Splatoon 2 but yet to try it out.


Have you got Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Well it’s still the only game I installed on my Switch. I don’t even own NFS HP2010 Remastered at the moment.

Anyway, I log in pretty much everyday to say hello to my villagers and check the price of white turnips. Some may say the game is too much grinding and waiting, but I don’t know. To me at least it’s happily grinding and waiting, because the animals are just so cute, and I can play dress up with my character everyday! :grin:

Btw there’s some Super Mario contents after the latest patch:


I pre-ordered and got the Animal Crossing Switch when it came out April last year, which came with a download code for the game. I played it for about a month before I grew a little tired of it. It doesn’t help that I usually game after work, which is after midnight for me, and so everything in my town is closed during then. I’d like to maybe try and return to the game at some point, at the very least reach the point where I get the dog to come and do the concert, and have the entire island built in a way I like it.


I’m a bit disappointed that it’s only those 4 Mario games you mentioned. I’m sure they’re great and all, but I’m hoping for a Mario Kart 8 sale one day… That’s a big one I still want. I know that it’s consistently the top game for the Switch, so it’s more unlikely to get one unlike their other games…

Nintendo recently announced the opening date for the Super Nintendo World theme park in Japan. It’s on March 18th. (Or, Mar.18)
I have a feeling they originally wanted it to open on Mar10 day, but Covid stuff slid the date back a bit. – Why else would they use that Mar# format? It just looks weird now.


Animal Crossing made me a sucker for fashion. I never realized how satisfying it is to make a good-looking outfit combo, until… I bought so many outfit combinations from the Ables, lol.
Literally anything looks good on virtual me. I love it. :blush:

I’ve been burnt out a bit from AC a few months ago (used to be very active on an AC discord server), but I’m hoping to get back into it again. I got to a point where I made my island almost-perfect, and quit after that. Thinking of re-structuring it now with some of those Mario items. Hopefully there’s something good in the March update, too.

Ah, man. I was really hoping to get my hands on that Switch. But, at the time it came out I wasn’t secure enough to randomly drop 400$ on a console, let alone in the middle of the school year.

In early summer I did end up getting some Government Covid money, and ended up caving to the Quarantine Switch Craze and bought a Grey version from Amazon (since I was lucky enough to catch one of their infamous restocks). I assumed the AC edition was limited-edition and I’d never see it under an 800$ markup, so I let that dream drift away… Too bad a few months later it was revealed there was a 2nd wave of them in the wild.
I’ve never had a limited-edition console, and always wanted one, so I compromised a bit and found a Smash Bros Dock on Ebay for a decent price instead. Looks good, and is very Nintendo-y.


Aww I haven’t fully upgraded my house, though, so I still have some progression I can um… progress. I paid up my 0.5 million bells debt today though, so I am looking forward to decorate my right-hand side new room tomorrow!

But goddamn you’re right! When I start to notice my storage is also full of clothing items! Many of them I don’t put on usually, but it’s still a significant collection of clothing. :star_struck:


I was looking to buy a Switch early last year because I knew I had paid my council tax 2 months early. When they announced the AC version, I pre-ordered it immedietly, and was lucky enough to get right in on the first wave. Definetly don’t regret it. I’ve never owned a limited edition version of a console before, but the AC one really does check all the boxes for me. I’ve even made sure to preserve the packaging it came in.

I want to buy one more set of Joy Cons and one more Pro Controller for my Switch in the future as well and I must admit, I keep checking to see if they ever do more limited versions. There are 3 LEs of Pro Controllers for Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, and Smash, but they all cost twice as much as a normal Pro Controllers.

There are a few Joy Con colours out there, some of them LE. They recently announced an LE set to tie-in with the Skyward Sword re-release but I don’t think they look that interesting, I prefer a Joy Con set to be asymetrical in colours. I think if no more come out that are interesting, I’ll probably get the set that has Neon Orange and Neon Purple.

Just be careful. If it’s an official Nintendo dock that should be fine, but docks made by third parties aren’t a good idea since in the past a Nintendo update actually bricked some Switches that were on third party docks.

When I buy my PS5, I must admit I would like to see if I can get an LE one. (Or even hoping in roughly a year the PS5 supply issues have been fixed.) Actually, years ago, I bought my Dad a PS4 and a few games for him as a big 60th birthday present. When I went to Game to buy the PS4 console, they had an LE one that was a bit cheaper, and I wound up getting him that. I wasn’t too sure if I made the right call but when I saw it out of its box, I think I made the right call. Themed after Uncharted 4.


Oh, neat. I’m looking to get a Pro Controller, too, since I’ve heard there’s less chance for the sticks to drift and it has some awesome battery life.

Also potentially a second set of joy-cons one day, too. To liven up my Switch’s colour scheme and offer a 4-player option – whenever that’ll be socially acceptable again. I’m hoping to get my hands on the Japan-exclusive Splatoon 2 set, that has Neon Green on the Left and Neon Pink on the Right. Mostly because they’re a unique colour combination that won’t be so easily mixed up with the International reversed set. {Also kind of due to this nostalgia pull} Either that, or the Mario Red set. Though that one is rarer and more expensive, I believe.

Oh, it’s official. Don’t worry. I got a sealed one from Japan. (Since I think they also sell Switch Docks separately over there?) It came in some bland, officially-Nintendo-branded, japanese packaging.


I bought a Pro Controller with my system. I generally use that over my Joy Cons and their grip, and I don’t regret it. Battery life is great, feels a bit more comfortable, I mean it basically is just like an Xbox controller. My plan would be to have 2 Pro Controllers and 2 sets of Joy Cons so we can play stuff like Smash 4 player or Super Mario Party 4 player.

Do you mean Pink on the left and Green on the right? I believe the international set, like on the UK store, has it Green on the left and Pink on the right. I really like that set but to be very pickish, since my AC set has a pastel Green on the left and pastel Blue on the right, I really don’t want to have 2 Green Joy-Cons, even if they are different shades.

Plan to buy this charging station for the second Pro Controller and second set of Joy Cons. Sold through Nintendo but made by third party I believe. Also there is current a Monster Hunter Rise Pro Controller you can get but it appears to be sold out and is £5 more expensive than a regular Pro Controller.


No, I definitely mean Pink-Right and Green-Left.
As far as I know, they’ve only been available with the Splatoon 2 Switch Bundle (out of stock since launch) or sold separately in Japan. They’re pretty pricey nowadays, so I’ll need to wait and save up some.

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Well this is weird. American Nintendo Store has the internation version like you said, but the UK store says they sell them the Japanese way.

Maybe the UK or Europe in general got the Japanese version?

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Wow, luckyyy.


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Trying to Google to see if I can find an explanation about this but having no luck so far. I mean, maybe at the very least importing those Joy Cons would be less expensive from the UK than from Japan? Even Wikipedia’s Joy Con page doesn’t really clarify it despite having a long list. Notice how it says that the alternate versions of the Neon Purple and Neon Orange are only available in Japan but doesn’t say it for the Neon Green and Neon Pink.

On a side note, I’ve never even heard of the Disney Tsum Tsum Switch.

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@MrOchoa I beat Link Between Worlds on my 3DS tonight. I actually did enjoy it by the end. I think part of my issue with Zelda games is that I don’t find much enjoyment in the beginning where you lack the various items that let you find items and heart containers in the open world, like the power bracelet, the hookshot, stuff like that. I think I just find it demoralising when I see a heart container but I can’t grab it and I’m just meant to memorise it for later.

Still though, I did enjoy LBW a lot by the end. I did get all 100 little sea creatures, although not quite all the heart pieces. I enjoyed A Link to the Past and the Link’s Awakening remake as well, but just not enough to feel like I’d want to jump back into them anytime soon.

Still, I wound up buying Oracle of Ages on the 3DS eshop, will buy Oracle of Seasons if I like Ages, and plan to hunt down DS copies of Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks at some point on eBay. I’d love to play Minish Cap, I hear that one is pretty good, but they only released that for the 3DS as one of those Ambassador program exclusives. Seems aside from the original GBA release, you can only get it for the Wii U eshop sadly.


Link Between Worlds is my favourite top down Zelda game.

I also am not a huge fan of Zelda games generally and I feel like their difficulty curve is off. With some exceptions like Iron Knuckles in the N64 games the enemies don’t damage you too much but by the end of the game you have a lot of health. It feels like it’s harder at the beginning when you’re limited in items and health. I feel like combat gets easier in these games the further you get. Weird curve.


I bought a PS4 just for Bloodborne. Will I buy a Switch just for Zelda? :thinking: bloody exclusives

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Buy a Switch before March 31st or else Mario gets hurt.


“Everything Switch”? Edit: (Wow, looks like I got a little too carried away there) Oh boy! :grin: Count me in!

As of today I do own quite the collection of games on it as well.

I’ll just make a list, ranked by play-time:

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons (730 hrs)
  • 51 Worldwide Games (105 hrs)
  • Stardew Valley (55 hrs)
  • Super Mario Party (50 hrs)
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (40 hrs)
  • Super Mario 3D All-Stars (15 hrs)

Honourable mentions (Just started playing etc):

  • Evolution Boardgame (I can highly recommend this!)
  • Trivial Pursuit Live!
  • Pokémon Shield (or Sword, whatever)

:grin: I would not have survived lockdown, hadn’t it been for acquiring the Switch just 6 days prior. :laughing:

I do own a few other games as well, put I don’t play them enough to list them.


Depends how much you like Breath of the Wild I suppose. It’s one of those games that some people love and some people don’t love. I feel like I respect the game more than I actually enjoy it. I still enjoyed playing it though. BotW doesn’t hold your hand and will kick you in the nuts, especially early game where you’re as weak as a teapot.

There’s quite alot of Zelda’s back catalogue that isn’t on the Switch. The only games you can get are Zelda 1, Zelda 2, A Link to the Past, Breath of the Wild, the Link’s Awakening remake, the upcoming Wind Waker HD, and both Hyrule Warrior games if you count them. Hopefully Zelda’s 35th will see more of the back catalogue make it to Switch, like the Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD ports made for Wii U.

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