The other Absolution Artbook?

I recently purchased on eBay the “Hitman: Absolution Art Book”. And it isn’t the one that features a bunch of images on one page (The Art of Abso). But rather it’s all black, both sides feature the insiginia and the first page is a message fromTore Blystad thanking the reader and telling them how Abso was a difficult process. Inside the artbook features a lot of concept art that isn’t seen online (I.E Gentle Giant Supermarket and the Nun helping an injured 47). The artbook features images of weapons/disguises from the game as well (Even some professionally made screenshots).

What got to me is that there isn’t a digital version of this artbook online.

As this came with the professional edition for PC/360/PS3! I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a digital version online!


I think I know what you’re talking about. It had a lot of very interesting information about the development like the “Burning Hope” subtitle, the original plot, the cut sewer level, and other things. Much more technical than the other art book. I saw a scan of it on YouTube once and have been trying to track it down again ever since.

Edit: It was the Hitman Absolution: Full Disclosure app.

It isn’t Full Disclosure. It’s an actual book. The book shows Concept Art (That isn’t in Full Disclosure unironically enough), early renders of disguises and weapons!

I have this as well, it’s a great book!! :slightly_smiling_face: