The Phoenix Ascension - Dubai Escalation

(Currently it seems only PlayStation players have this escalation. But don’t fret too much, it’s not that good :wink:)

This is a regular Escalation in Dubai. The only non-deluxe escalation in the game at launch

Level 1
  • Pacify Lucy Waller with a shovel
Level 2
  • Pacify Lucy Waller with a shovel
  • Pacify Zana “The Vulture” Kazemi
  • [Complication] Double Whammy - You must eliminate Zana after pacifying him
Level 3
  • Pacify Lucy Waller with a shovel
  • Pacify Zana “The Vulture” Kazemi
  • Pacify Naadim Yacoub
  • Place Naadim’s body in the Matience Storage Room
  • [Complication] Double Whammy - You must eliminate Zana after pacifying him

This is a really boring and generally bad escalation in my book. Kinda sucks this is the only one on base H3 :upside_down_face:

Lol, i don’t have it, wtf


Oh what? That’s… weird

Can anyone on Xbox or pc confirm they have it?

I don’t have this Escalation on PC.
Is this somewhat console exclusive?


I have the same issue. I got the game on PC and PS4. On PS4 I have the two Dubai escalations, on the PC version, I only have the Deluxe one. The Phoenix Ascension Escalation is missing.

Ps4 here and I have that escalation

I dont have it on xbox

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The belief is that it isn’t PS exclusive, just by some strange bug it’s only showing up on PS at the moment. I know pc modders have already found this escalation in the game files

Also unfortunately (it’s my understanding) Kevin couldn’t remake this in contracts mode because of the pacification complications

Is the apparent PlayStation exclusivity on this something that IOI is looking into? With the other issues that the game had over the last week, I haven’t heard much about this one as it was hardly the most important thing to be worried about.

I haven’t seen any word from Travis if this is something they’re looking at and obviously have no way to tell otherwise

However it has been brought up already on a dedicated issues thread

Tbh I’m not sure the issue is that other platforms don’t have the escalation. I think the error is that PS players DO have it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I am keeping an eye on the situation and will try to update the OP and title with relevant info/changes when/if I see them


I’m not convinced anyone other platform will get this escalation. I think IO are Sony fans. Sony got the serjavo six , exclusive vr , this escalation and they touted ps5’s fast ssd speed knowing full well it would still be reliant on their servers and your internet speed. On xbox after haven island released the leaderboards didn’t work they blamed Microsoft but considering they both had their hands full with xboxes new console generation and IO’s
new game , its understandable. I just don’t like having to pay the same price for something with cut content that other people have because IO got paid more.

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I really doubt they made a PS exclusive escalation just for the heck of it.

I don’t know. See if you’ll get an answer from them. I bet they did.

It’s a good theory, but wouldn’t they have promoted this. That’s the whole point of exclusive stuff. Telling people what they miss out if they don’t play the game on consol XY.


It’s available on PC as of today’s update.


Nice. That wasn’t in the patch notes, was it?

Yes it is.

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My bad for thinking this was a playstation exclusive. Thanks IO and sorry.

Well, that was an exclusive for some time.
Or a bug. Who knows