The real Chongqing vs depicted in Hitman 3

Chongqing depicted in Hitman 3 is similar in that there are few kids, and men outnumber women. What is different is that Chongqing is enormous in population and also enormous in size, so population density overall is not that high.

Chongqing in Southwest China has a 2021 population is estimated at 16,382,376 and is one of 5 national central cities of the People’s Republic of [China]. It grew from 1.5 million to 16.4 million persons from 1950.

Chongqing** municipality can technically claim to be the largest city proper in the world. The municipality of Chongqing, roughly the size of Austria, includes the city of Chongqing as well as various discontiguous cities.

Because of the one child policy, boys outnumbering girls (which is boys outnumbering girls by 32 million in China). Chongqing has a large gap between boys and girls under 20.


Well there are exactly zero kids

Well that’s coz in the Hitman universe they have rampant sexism within certain industries :wink:

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i dont think there should be any kids in a game that involves murder but :smiley::+1:


Bear in mind it’s 3am in the level so all kids would be in bed anyway.


Also bear in mind that we’re talking about a few city blocks in the whole city of Chongqing. Makes sense we aren’t seeing 16M people.


Also bear in mind, that there are no bears in Chongqing given that it is a megacity of 30 million people spanning 82K square km (31K square miles). It would take hours just to leave the metropolis by car.

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I’ll always have a little conspiracy theory that this level was planned as Hong Kong and changed midway through production because of current events in the real Hong Kong. Doesn’t really matter much either way, but that’s what I think.


Apparently out of the Chongqing core metropolis, roads are very bad, so you are likely traveling by oxen cart or bike for many days.

The Chongqing location could have been conceived as a location in Hong Kong given that it is a former British colony, and most speak English.

And that goes for every mission, not just Chongqing.
I assume that IO wanted to avoid messing with “kids right” thing in advance.

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I´m inclined to believe this as well and would actually like some info on this from the devs. That scene in the announcement trailer pointed so blatantly towards Hong Kong (and a much more populated map) that the later reveal of it being an empty-street Chongqing just felt off…

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What about the view? Anyone figured if there are some real buildings or structures from some chinese cities IRL? What about the view of the river?

I only know about this skyscraper which is from Macao

Looks fantastic

Well, they always do, because Guards exist :wink:

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Can´t say for specific buildings, but they seem to have nailed the vibe of the skyline pretty well:

I guess IOI didn’t like the ethics of impaling babies or infants with flathead screwdrivers.

A person in a skirt in Hitman world isn’t a gender thing in the Hitman world as much as it is an NPC who I can’t choke out for their uniform. There are no NPC in Hitman with gender ambiguity.

The lack of crowds in Chongqing could relate to the rendering of rain, which then doesn’t leave a lot of processing power left for crowds of NPCs.

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Main difference between in-game Chongqing and IRL Chongqing is how much NPCs are on the map.

IRL Chongqing has 16+ millions NPCs on the map, while one in game like +- 670 NPCs.

Thank God for that, since doing Kill Everyone Challange on real map would be much harder, don’t mention the stutter from all that dead bodies on my brain.

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Yeah I’d say that Chonqguing is the biggest dissapointment Ive ever had in the series.

A letdown in both being a level and representing the city and China, plus in many other ways too. If they wanted a city with a true Neon light feel, they should have just chose a different country.

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To kill all 16+ million NPCs on the Chongqing map, you would need the hydrogen emetic bomb, which would cause a lethal sewer backup from the vomit discharge of the 16 million NPCs in all six toilets on the map.