The routine of the Hidden Hand - Mendoza - (Spoilers)

Has anyone been able to study the routine of the Herald to which disguise are a challenge?

I want to grab him before the meeting, not after or during, if that is even possible.

Where can I find him outside the Villa Cellar?

Seems he doesn’t move for the entire time of the mission.
Does he go to a meeting in a basement? If so, you have to trigger a meeting first and then catch him somewhere on the route. I don’t know how to follow him though, because I don’t know his route.
But I did the challenge with his disguise way more simple.
I just lured him in a secluded area and knocked him out there

I would have to be able to find him before doing that. I have no idea where he is placed outside of the meeting, heck I don’t even know which Herald he is during the meeting.

I am ASSUMING it is the bald fella sitting at the to the left of where the wine is to be placed as the Sommelier?

I better show you then rather to describe.
Give me couple of minutes. I thought you know where he is.
Hold on

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Here where he is

Woooh! Thanks man! :grin:

You’re welcome.
Technically they both are Heralds, but I did with the marked guy

Oh! That isn’t the chap whose disguise I’ve been taking! I instigated the asado routine and then poisoned the plate of a young Herald sitting next to Yates. Although he was found, nobody seemed to mind an additional Herald at the meeting.

When dressed as a herald, 47 can’t strike up a conversation with anyone like Yates or Vidal, he isn’t noticed as an imposter by the other heralds. I haven’t stared the meeting so I’m not sure if anything is there, but I’m betting not. It’s a shame there isn’t something to do with this costume. It was a lot of work to get. It would have been fun if you could take a seat as a herald and there was some other way the meeting would play out, even if it was a dead end trap and 47 was noticed once at the meeting started and killed. 47 doesn’t make mistakes, but the players can (and we do).


I’d love it if 47 could take part in the meeting and, when asked by Yates: “Are you with me?” be able to answer either way (as we had with Sophia).