The Sarajevo Six - Briefings

Hello all.

I have posted all of The Sarajevo Six briefings onto my channel. The description contains mostly me rambling about them (it’s mostly the same for all briefings, minor changes). But the comments do contain little lesser known things about them or annoyances I have with them. The comments have been added to this thread as the notes under the videos. I’m sure people are sick of these by now since they’ve out for 5 years now, it’s just that I don’t call them “my children” for nothing.

Here is the description from them all (there are differences in the actual ones):


Had these lying around for a while. Thought I would just upload them. Enjoy these.

The Sarajevo Six are a series of contracts for Hitman 2016 exclusive to the PS4. It has not been moved to any future games on any platform, not even PS4, they’re only in Hitman 2016 on the PS4. They are currently stuck in what you can call “Exclusivity Hell”, shame really. Although they are referenced as elusive targets in the game files. Sony, IOI and Square Enix obviously don’t care about them anymore.
Learn more about them here: The Sarajevo Six | Hitman Wiki | Fandom

Playlist: The Sarajevo Six - Briefings - YouTube

Scott “The Director” Sarno - Paris:

Note about this one: This is literally the promotional material used for The Sarajevo Six and that’s why the date is still in here, note this is the one actually in the game.

Gary “The Enforcer” Lunn - Sapienza:

Note about this one: This shows how The Sarajevo Six were possibly rushed as this one has an intro graphic thing that isn’t in any other one. Also, although the target is dressed like a guard, they don’t act like one.

Walter “The Extractor” Menard - Marrakesh:

Note about this one: This target had files for it left in the PC version of Hitman 2016 during one patch which actually worked and loaded in. Funny really.

John “The Veteran” Stubbs - Bangkok:

Note about this one: This again highlights how they were possibly rushed as this one doesn’t have the ending graphic with all The Sarajevo Six targets shown. Nothing else about this one really, just feels like a better Ken.

Patrick “The Mercenary” Morgan - Colorado:

Note about this one: This is the first ever target that will ACTUALLY fight back at you! Probably to fit the nature of Colorado. This was the only one but now the Berlin ICA agents fight back, not sure if they count though. This one, like the previous one, doesn’t have the ending graphic with all The Sarajevo Six targets.

Taheiji “The Controller” Koyama - Hokkaido:

Note about this one: This one also doesn’t have that ending graphic with all The Sarajevo Six targets. So many inconsistencies. This one has an interesting story which leads to a fun conclusion, won’t spoil it. This target also has a unique behaviour which I can’t exactly point out without spoiling it. You can find it in actual playthroughs of the target.