The Sarajevo Six

So, when does the exclusivity expire? Is it really a big deal for Sony?

I was thinking it could be turned into a mini-campaign like Patient Zero, with its own challenges. More Hitman is always good!

It’s a shame that The Sarajevo Six is basically forgotten and many people (myself included) missed it because it was exclusive content.


I hope to see them on day become available on all platforms, however I don’t think they ever will.


At this point, if it’s not ended it’s likely a permanent thing.

That’s exactly how it’s presented in HITMAN.

They do. Well, there’s a Silent Assassin challenge, a kill The challenge and a single assassination challenge.


People said they were pretty disappointing. Special Assignments–level disappointing.


they weren’t deep - more like elusive targets than anything - but there was a nice little narrative through-line to accompany them and some cool character designs. still, would be a shame for them to be lost.


:point_up_2: This. I’d say only about half of them had any replay value and we’ve had ETs that were better. But I’d hate them to be lost to time

By the same merit that’s why I want IO to release all the ETs when H3’s life ends. But with the exclusively issue on the Sarjevo Six, I can see why that would be an issue, quite unfortunate :cry:


it would be something even if they got it back just for ps4.

i wonder if there’s weird red tape that means it is contractually attached to h2016 or summink? did they ever explain why it didn’t show up in h2?

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Absolute scenes when the Sarajevo Six make a return in PlayStation VR.

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I would only want them back if someday IO releases all the ET’s in a big package, so I can burn through them each with only one play through and not be disappointed how underwhelming and limited the targets are. The only good Sarajevo Six contract was the last one, and with that all you had to do was turn off the hot water in the spa and he would let you kill him. The other 5 I remember absolutely nothing about.

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The Colorado one was at least interesting, it reused the stalker mechanic from an escalation. So the target and his bodyguards would constantly stalk you across the map and he could see through all(?) disguises. Was an interesting concept, more so than a lot of the S6. Some of them were basically completely static


i quite liked how s6 unfurled narratively.

after the first 3, which were fairly standard and set you up for an ostensibly one dimensional story, io threw a bit of a curveball with the bangkok one, which ended up a little bittersweet because the dude was on holiday with his wife and struggling with what he did. quite unusual to have a target like that.

then in colorado, the mercenary dude knows you’re coming, which made it mechanically trickier. the stalker mechanic scared the crap out of me! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

the last one had a nice little twist where old man bane actually wanted you to whack him (and indeed everyone else!). again, quite unusual.

my favourite narrative aspect of hitman is always the targets. the way the game is laid out and played provides an interesting way of telling stories, across missions and through multiple playthroughs.

while this one only requires a slow playthrough to get the picture, i think they did a fairly good job here of telling it, with each mission revealing more about the history of the team. it wasn’t mind-meltingly good or anything, but it was better than i was expecting from ps exclusive side content, you know?

i’m easily pleased though. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Wondering the same about these sony exclusives…

I can’t understand the meaning of keeping Sarajevo Six still as an exclusive. It could be useful as a promotional content for sony, 5 years ago. But now? I don’t think so many people buy Hitman I on Ps4 for S6, today. Keep it as exclusive is a wast of content and work

It’s not an issue of what IO wants, it’ll be an issue of legality. They’ll have signed a contract with Sony to keep it exclusive. Also with Square Enix as the publishers of H2016 it’s probably too much hassle for IO to try and even get S6 on H2 or H3 for PS

There’s been a fair bit of lost content over the course of the series. Just one of the unfortunate side effects of moving across three launchers. At least we can still access S6 on H2016 launcher, there’s stuff like Ghost Mode that’s just fully gone

I think the worst aspect isn’t that they’re Sony exclusives, but that they’re H2016 exclusives. Unless I’m mistaken, they never got moved into H2, so considering there’s this big push to house the whole trilogy in one place, they just get left behind.
Although they were pretty standard, it’d be interesting to play them with the new gadgets, particularly the Colorado one against something like the Seiker

YES, YES, YES! Me and my friends ere talking about that a couple days ago!