The save icon keeps popping up every 2 seconds

The save icon keeps popping up every 2 seconds. I have reinstalled the game but the issue persists.

What do I do?

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You might want to at least add the information which platform you’re playing on.

I bought the game on steam

Sounds like a more annoying version of what we’ve been putting up with on PS5 for over two years now - on PS5 it gets stuck on the screen and never goes away. From what I understand, what is happening on Steam it shows up, disappears and then immediately shows up again and repeats endlessly.

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It goes away for the rest of the mission when you open the menu and close it again.

Maybe that also does the trick on Steam?

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No. Its a completely different issue. It even persists in the menus, not just in-game

Another tidbit of info that would’ve been great to mention in the opening post, because that is actually unusual.

Have you contacted support about it?

Yes, they told me:

I have compiled a full report using all the valuable information you’ve provided, so the team can investigate and hopefully get to the bottom of this issue as quickly as possible.

Also, I would like to let you know that we here in Support do not work directly on any given issue the dev team is tackling and thus we won’t be able to give you a timeframe for when this will be resolved. I do however encourage you to keep an eye on the official HITMAN channels ([RANDOM LINKS]) for the latest updates. I know this is not the immediate solution you were probably hoping for, so please know that we appreciate your patience and understanding as this is investigated internally.

But the bug has existed for years: Reddit - Dive into anything

I doubt its ever getting fixed

For what? They still haven’t got it fixed for ps5, if i read that correctly and it’s been 2 years of having that bug exist? Shameful.
And it’s The only reason i have yet to purchase a ps5. If i can’t play hitman on ps5 perfectly like i do on ps4, then no reason to purchase a 5.

So they know it’s an issue. And it also could’ve been that it was a known issue with a known solution.

If you ask this question, you might just as well ask why create an account for a forum to share this bug here. What’s that supposed to do? Oh, right. Maybe it’s a known issue with a known solution.

^ In case you missed it, there is a solution for the bug on PS5. It’s not perfect, but it fixes the issue reliably in less than two seconds.

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I know the solution to make it go away myself, but the bug is there all the time the very next time you restart the same/next contract. It’s fine to have this when playing without restarts, ie: freelancer, but someone who enjoys making speedrun content at times, THAT solution isn’t a solution.

Also if they haven’t fixed the ps5 bug in over 2 years, i doubt they know how to fix it.

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Hey, I might have found a temporary workaround. This seems to be a really niche bug with the Steam version of the game only. Try disabling the Hitman 1 GOTY Edition content under the DLC tab by checking it off the list. When you launch the game you may notice it will be gone. My guess is that it’s an account synch bug between Steam and IO’s servers related to the Hitman 1 GOTY Pack. Curiously, it only happens for me with that one piece of content enabled. I tried each one individually and it only seems to stem from that. I’m hoping the community can get it patched, trying to be vocal about it as much as possible.

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that has been two years damn i feel sorry for the ps users