The Season of Pixel

Inspired by The Season of Cake and The recent Season of Chicken, here comes the Season of Pixel.
I know Pixel Art is alot harder than anything of the other too, so hey, let’s just have some Fun and maybe I also make some Characters, after each Persons Attempt as @TheChicken did.

Use this as a Base

Feel also free to request a special item if you need, like a Pair of Sandals for your Character.


So another one?

I actually really like how the forum has been doing a lot of these lately, keep it up!


At first I was going to settle for the boring “set to pixelate>mosaic filter” incident, May 2021 - but I felt like this undermined the meaning of the progress of pixel art, and I didn’t feel right using my profile pic to be lazy about it. Instead, I wanted to try my hand at properly doing something with pixel art, I never got to experiment with it until now.

I set the image to 128x128, selected a few facial features via the quick selection tool (eyes, mouth, eyebrows, etc.) to have their own setting, upped the contrast heavily, then downed the saturation just slightly so it didn’t look overly “rainbowy”. I’m surprised at the end result and I’m happy with how it turned out. It reminds me of something you’d find in a Doom 64 mod.

This is probably my favourite from the Seasons of X series so far. I might set it as my profile pic soon.

Eussh putting it as a profile pic looks like I put a filter and no pixel art was made. I’ve made an extra edit to put the filter for now but I think it catches the effect from most browsers. Consider the pic above though my HD representation.


Lol I was thinking of trying out some pixel art stuff in honor of you, Mekar.

And here we are.

It’s probably hard AF to work with a tiny canvas of a few pixels (that’s how this works, right?) but sounds intriguing.


That’s atleast how I do it. The Sample Bodies I posted are 500 Times the Size they were drawn in by me, so yeah. Glad to have you on Board :slight_smile:

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I actually drew this portrait of myself a few weeks back for my Twitter-Avatar. Does this count as pixel art?


Assuming your computer/mobile device displays pixels, yeah. I guess it is.


First of all, I want to say that your style of art @DrMekar is REALLY difficult. You need a lot of imagination to portray familiar features as… ehm… squares and rectangles? I don’t even say about shading. All you do is crazy and I love it! :two_hearts: Thank you for the opportunity to try something new :relaxed:

I used only the left one template, if you don’t mind. I’m uploading my pic today as I will most likely just forget to do it later :frowning:

Remind me not to be so obvious in character selection next time

Pixel Grey


Thanks for the kind Words :slightly_smiling_face:. Lucas Grey looks really good :wink:.

Of course not. The Right is just meant to serve as a Female Base.

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I thought it was a kid or just another variation of the left one :smiley: See how I’m far from pixel art. If I chose a female char, I would draw it on the left template as well :sweat_smile: