The Sebastian Principle (Escalation Tutorial)

The Sebastian Principle

  • Turn on your computer
  • Open your Internet browser
  • Go to Hitman forum
  • Click + New Topic
  • Write The Sebastian Principle as title
  • Select HITMAN 3 (2021)
  • Write a text where you complain about the escalation
  • Click on Create Topic

Edit: Well according to the latest blog post this is supposed to be a tutorial escalation. So feel free to ignore my rambling below. Still they should’ve made this really obvious. How’s a new player who doesn’t read the blogs or buys the game in a few months/years supposed to know this?

What a horrible escalation. Could’ve been really great but the game was handholding you and constantly told you what to do. You are basically following a mission story that can’t be turned off. Whoever thought this was a good idea should never create an Escalation again. At least you were allowed to go off script.

For those who are interested, here are the mission objectives for level 1:

  • Eliminate Sebastian Saio
  • Disguise yourself as Event Staff
  • Find Rat Poison
  • Poison Sebastian Sato’s drink
  • Wait for Sebastian Sato to drink
  • Follow Sebastian Sato

No, I’m not kidding. Every single level is like this, telling you exactly what to do. Because figuring out things is obviously too hard. :roll_eyes:


I played this before I read the blog post that makes it clear that this escalation is an escalation tutorial for new players.

I was thinking “wtf is this shit?” while playing it, but now it makes sense I guess.


No surprise as IOI themselves told that this Escalation is a tutorial for new players and not for experienced/hardcore ones


That explain a lot. But why not name it “Escalation tutorial” then? Because I don’t believe I’m the only one who got confused by this. And you want to make it really obvious that this is a tutorial for the new players.


They should’ve put a tutorial banner on the escalation image tile - because not everyone reads their blog posts. As this thread already shows.


At least you can put “tutorial” sticker in the name of the thread :slight_smile:


As it is intended to be literally the first thing people with the starter pack play (as said in the blog) I thought it was reasonably well done. It teaches people about some essential game mechanics (frisk points, climbing, rat poison, etc.). Sure, the normal tutorial does this pretty well, but it is nice to have a tutorial on the “new map”.

It is a bit sad that experienced people can’t really get anything out of this, but I at least enjoyed to see what IOI did with this new tutorial.


Honestly that’s pretty good tutorial-ing.

I know there’s a lot of mechanics in this game and the game very rarely tells you how they all operate, (and a lot of the game has to do with trial and error) but telling players some things like indicating disguises can do legal things is nice.

I watched a playthrough from one Nerdcubed a few weeks ago, and he seemed to be unaware (or forgot) that you can poison drinks legally in any waiter/chef type disguise. He kept poisoning things as a sapienza waiter when no one was around (and couldn’t find out how to poison the therapist without someone seeing).


Gave it a go and was alright, if anything kinda surprised it took this long for a escalation tutorial to be added. Though if going by starting levels Paris and Miami might of been too complex while Training Facility and Nightcall would of been too small and restricted.

I’m not saying it’s a bad tutorial, but then just name it “Escalation Tutorial”. There’s nothing that tells a new player that he should play this escalation first before trying another one.


True. That’s a good idea.

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Now that I think about it, were there any hints as to who carries the penthouse keycard/ maintenance key? Figuring such things out might not be the most obvious thing for new players, but I don’t think there was any indication. In contrast, when getting near the two guards in level 3 the game immediately tells you to climb around (the helicopter key was also moved, which might be confusing when playing the actual level)

I am not saying that spoiling everything is the way to go, but if there is indeed zero help there I find it a tiny bit odd

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I was really confused. Played WoA from launch in 2016 and went through hard, exausting, annoying and unclear escalations. Now after 5 years I get to just poison that man from Paris in Dubai. I really though there is something hidden. Something that will ruin my run bc of something silly for beeing too confident. But no.

I learned nothing, only it was tutorial after 5 years xd

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A tutorial escalation is worthwhile to make because I’ve seen the question asked by people who haven’t done any yet where to start with escalations. Before, I pointed them to some of the easier Whittleton Creek ones but this is the obvious starting point now. Seems fairly late but I suppose new people find games all the time. But yea, as a tutorial, it serves it purpose pretty well I would say.

I wanted to make a point about there being a unique starting location for this one which we’ve seen for a number of H3 escalations. Why don’t we have some of these for the main game. Dubai is absolutely a map that could use another suit start and where it’s used for the escalation is a good choice. The recent Chongqing escalation had a homeless start at a part of the map that didn’t have any start nearby that I also thought was good. Out of H3 maps, Chongqing is the one where I’m most happy with the starting locations so I don’t think it’s needed but it’s there and it could get some use in contracts mode at least. Maybe adding more starting locations could upset the balance or whatever but eh, we mainly want them for contracts mode anyway.

I don’t think every unique starting point for an escalation needs to be added to the main mission though. The deluxe Berlin one is fine for it’s own thing or the Columbia and Sqail escalations that start you as prisoners wouldn’t make much sense and there’s regular starting points fairly close to those locations anyway. If they can add these for one escalations though, they mustn’t be too much work to do so I desperately ask for more starting points to be added to the bonus missions, especially ones with contracts mode. And yes, this new Dubai one I’d also like.


I’m not entirely sure that this escalation is all that bad.

I don’t feel that it deserves such harsh criticism. The purple objectives are OPTIONAL. You can complete each level anyway you feel like, as long as you complete the main objectives (RED ones).

For example, in level one, I threw the target over the railing wearing my suit and just exited. That worked! I didn’t get the disguise, poison him, etc. I didn’t follow their guide for any of the levels, yet I was still able to complete it.

The guide seems to be merely suggestions/examples of how you can complete this escalation, NOT a forced tutorial by any means.

Had I not actually played it, and just read some of the comments here, I would be swayed into thinking that these “suggestions” are actually objectives…Though, I can completely agree that the forced exit on level three is a bit much.

Bottom line, it’s not the best escalation ever, but it’s no where near as bad as some of you are trying to make it out to seem.


Agreed that this escalation wasn’t “bad” by normal standards, just very simple.
This is very tutorialized, very hand-holdy, but that’s the point of it.

On that note – and since I’ve seen some novice comments in the Roadmap thread on Reddit asking about Escalations and other side-content – I don’t think it’s communicated well that this is a Tutorial Escalation. And if this is supposed to be an introduction to escalations for owners of Hitman 3, then it’s needlessly hidden in the blog post or will be buried under newer content on the main menu in a few months.
I propose some changes:

A. Label this escalation as a “Tutorial Escalation”, because that’s literally what this was made for and needs to be known.

B. Put all Escalations in a new “Escalations” Tab under the Game Modes Menu, with The Sebastian Principle at the front. It, and the other massive collection of escalations shouldn’t just be hidden under all the location tabs.

C. [optional] If ever Elusive Targets become a collection of replayable contracts, then put them all under the Game Modes menu too. It should be an easy way to find any special content not related to Main/Side/SpecialA Missions (i.e.: open sandbox content)


Genuine lol moment, well played. :laughing: :+1:

This escalation would have been great five years ago, or with a clear label as to what it was supposed to be. Five years in, as part of the 4th monthly update of the 3rd game in a trilogy is too late though. Yes, for brand new players it was a fine tutorial on how to play the game but coming so late in the game’s development felt very odd and I seriously wondered if I had some sort of “easy mode” option turned on.


There’s a penthouse keycard next to the camera recording box and there’s also a maintenance key on the table across from it. Shouldn’t be too hard for someone to miss. (And if they do miss something like the Key, then there aren’t many other areas they can search. If push comes to shove, I’m sure anyone would start knocking out NPCs in the area to figure it out.)

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Okay, then I was just blind as I saw neither :upside_down_face: (serves me right for shooting the box from outside the room and never entering). Thanks for telling me, now it all makes sense again.