The Sorrowfull Carbon Copy of Chongqing - NPC Model Thread

So, I’ve taken it into my hands to analysize the NPC Model Situation in Chongqing to find out how packed with Clones it really is. I’ve prepared a Picture showing every NPC in Chongqing with the exception of the following, since it’s obvious that there are unique:

Hush (Target), Imogen Royce (Target), Mogwai (Hush’s Personal Bodyguard), Hush’s Assistant and the Sister, leading the Mind Programm, The Guide and Board Member.

Here’s the Rest:

The Population of Chongqing

*Longwei Feng changes his Model to the one of Gaby Luff and his three Brothers after being triggered and walking down to the Lab.
[I recommend downloading it for optimal viewing]

Let me know your thoughts below-


Holy shit, my browser lags like all hell on this page :laughing:


Yeah, sorry for that xD.

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I don’t find repeats of generic NPCs too much of an issue as long as they’re not stood right next to eachother. The issue have is more how many interesting unique NPCs does a mission have? And I think Chongqing really doesn’t have many

  • ICA Board Member - he just stays sat and is quite boring
  • Test Subjects - they again stay static
  • Tour Guide - she’s a bit more interesting

I don’t think this is a massive knock against Chongqing but it adds to its issues for me, and it remains one of my least favourite in the trilogy


Indeed. There’re the Cooks, so the ones who have good routines and are actually in the restaurant are unfortunatly generic with the exception of the one Female Cook wearing Sandals. (The Others were Crocks or Slippers, though that’s easy to identify.)

I do unfortunatly. Especially because there are atleast Four Civillains with really good routes in the Streets. Unfortunatly those are: Huifang Qian, Yuan Lin, Junjie Chang (or Jiang, not sure Lol) and Suyin Shen. There Models speak for themself, though.

When I say it isn’t an issue to me, I mean bland NPC models. I tend to value the quality of the NPCs route over their look. I agree their routes do matter a lot, especially for contracts

I understood that, no Worries. I do think they walk hand in hand, since what’s the point of a good NPC Rountine when it’s a Model that can be found 3-5 Times on the Map? Especially Jarring when the good routine NPC walks by itself, sometimes even twice cough Huifang Qian cough

James Gordon, heh. Hope there’s a knockoff batman suit somewhere on the level

No, but he is the “Chief of Police” in the Deluxe Escalation, so theres that.


Maybe you put the image under Hide Details thing, could help to unlag

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Helped for me.
@DrMekar thank you

No Problem and great idea.

Damn. How long did you spend to search all the twins, and composing the image?

Quite some time. The most annoying Part were defenitly the Block Guards with the exception of the Hooded Black Guard who appears 6 Times, since he was Part of pretty much every Group of Block Guards xD.

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Hahaha from the topic title I thought it was about a new escalation :rofl:

It looks annoying when you create a contract and all targets, despite different professions, have the same face…but that aside, I aswell think that routes are more important than faces. Sadly Chongqing lacks both imo.

The Sorrowfull Carbon Copy of Chongqing sure does sound like an intresting escalation xD.

Yeah, that’s sometimes quite annoying, especially the Faces of Neutral Bob and Neutral Pierce, how I call them, appear on every Map in total diffrent professions. Just in Chongqing there’re Five:

Than the Faces, Yes. But I’m talking about the entire NPC Model, which is sadly completly the same.

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That’s a nice easter egg. :smile:

I appreciate the effort on this one, it must have taken an eternity lol.

The npc clones were extremely noticable in this mission. If they were pressed on time, I wish they reused some of face models in Hokkaido and Bangkok

They did actually. The Old Fellow with Blue Jacket, the Young Fellow with the Green Jacket are from Bangkok/Hokkaido. The Hooded Guy’s Face is Basic NPC Face introduced in the Bank.

I do feel they were pressed in time, since some Clothes are recycelt from the Bank aswell.

Whenever I play Chongqing, I see the woman with the green skirt everywhere :joy: