The Sounds of Hitman

Disclosure up front: I typically play games without any sound. I do own headphones (but no speakers) but my headphones make it so I can’t hear anything else around me so I just forego the sound most of the time. I’ve always just played with the captions turned on.

This isn’t a thread asking what sounds there are (that’s easy enough to discover by just playing the game). I want to know what sounds are the most important, which ones have you noticed that really impact game play, and which sounds maybe go too far or are too distracting?

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One sound that always annoys me on maps like Miami and Berlin is that one voice in crowds that goes “Oh my God, Oh my God! day…” and “Yeah, she’s SO good!” Something about that voice always gets on my nerves, and it repeats every 10 seconds.

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Probably the whooooosh sound they removed on the pc version with the newest patch lol

Is that what @Adil15101 was talking about with the alert?

Yea it is. It’s a pc exclusive issue and should maybe be addressed in a hotfix as it’s pretty major @Travis_IOI

I plugged in my headphones last night and noticed that at the scoring screen after the mission there are these like Zing and Whiz sounds (almost like a pinball machine) when the score and stars pop in. Were those always there? I don’t remember them from before.

Yea they added it. Sounds cool