The story of Club 27 has happened irl in AMAZING accuracy making a horrifying coincidence

So…has anyone heard of the Gable Tostee case because…this is horrifying. Let me link the article describing the murder and explain all the ways it is similar to the plot of this mission.

This is about a couple meeting up in Australia which ended with the girlfriend being dropped from the balcony of a really tall building with the key evidence being a secret phone recording of the two arguing and it arguably captured the moment of him assaulting her. The comparisons dont end here.

As a rich man his first instinct after the incident was to…call his father. And just like the game, he was given a really good lawyer that acquitted him of all charges. Only then there was no Hitman to deliver the justice ig.

And this cannot be anything more other than a coincidence. The incident happened on the October of 2016 and the Bangkok mission was released on…August 2016. They were two months apart. This cannot be any more of a coincidence.

Here’s an interview with Gable about the issue. There is a chance he might be actually innocent but…I don’t know. It is a fact that he assaulted her and she jumped not long after. It might be because of her fearing him and not him pushing her off but it was still in his consequence.

And heres the scariest part. Tostee was again in the VERY same place in 2021 and a woman threatened to jump off that building.

So yeah…crazy to think about. I saw someone mention this before but it didnt get much attention so I thought I’d give it another chance.


The actual event happened August 8th 2014 as per this article. So it may have been some inspiration for IO if they came across it.