The Update That Could Kill Hitman Speedrunning

Please don’t change this IOI, it’s super fun to use in speedrunning and you’d be removing a huge amount of tech that keeps the game fresh for many.


I’m a huge fan and user of speed runs, but I always hated the fact that ppl use glitches in order to “win”.

Yes, if you’re good at SR, then you’re gonna still find the fastest route…so then just do that. I don’t think the game should give players the ability to do things that are not intended, regardless of its SR or not.

And I think this video (which I didn’t bother watching) is a little over dramatic. We’ve been SR since hitman 2016 and there was no muffin glitch then. So it won’t make any difference if it gets fixed.


Pretty sure this is a person who started playing WoA with H3, so it feels like the end of the world because they don’t know the game without it.


Good video, dude actually makes a lot of valid points. And I"ve said it myself on here before, it DOES feel like ioi targets speed runners with the majority of gameplay changes they make.

Regardless of that and how you feel about it, here’s the root of the problem: it’s not so much the changes, it’s the fact that ioi doesn’t take existing leaderboard records into account when they change shit so they essentially make unbeatable times! And that’s annoying.


So if they are a good speedrunner, they can learn without it. Any good speedrunner always adapts.

They change things on how the game is designed. Has nothing to do with speedrunners. It’s just that speedrunners are the players that know the game best so they find the things that not even the developers know are available and then that SRs feel it the most. It’s not IOI saying let’s make speedrunners cry and twirl their moustache’s in the back room.

You should always look at things from both perspectives. Sure it’s fun as a player, but as a developer, they ‘might’ see it as an insult to their work. It might be a “I made this item work like this, not like that” kinda mentality…so to speak.

10000% agreed


Yeah like the PC leaderboards still have cheated times or times from when people used other patched glitches, so why target this? Or why not reset the leaderboards too?


This take does seem a bit overblown, Speedrunners will adapt and change tactics to whatever comes next, but I know speedrunners use this tactic a lot, so the removal might turn a lot of SRs off of what the new Meta might be…

It wouldn’t really affect me if it was removed, but I hope it stays and was just a unique feature to the Beta build.
(If it was done to improve performance, maybe it was removed from the Beta to give more PC devices the chance to run the game at a stable rate, since IOI was trying to get as many people who signed up to give feedback.)


Not always true. Some people, like the guy who made the video, has limited knowledge outside of the speedrun strats. Their knowledge of the game can just be really bad because they just copy the speedrun strats other people have come up with and never come up with their own.


Exactly my thoughts, but then I found out there are two seperate lists of glitched and glitchless speedruns. But yes, I really like watching “real” speedruns just to see how quick you can beat a level/mission/game, but I always found the glitch abuse simply boring. Look at Doom Eternal for example, in this game spoeedrunning means finding the first slope to then do a glitch-flight to the end of the level. Even if those tricks are extremely compplicatied, they are still boring and borderline “cheating”

I very much doubt that this change/nerf will happen.


I genuinely cringed just from seeing this topic, tho yeah, I bet that multiple dedicated speedrunners would quit if IOI ever patched the boosting, it won’t happen, why? Because IOI likes the muffin too, and they don’t have any need to patch it, it requires patience and technique to trigger it, it’s not like a random player would find themselves oob because they accidently threw a muffin at a specific point on the stairs, or by placing a breacher at the correct distance, placing a briefcase on the floor, throwing a breakable object on the briefcase, standing on the briefcase and at the same time detonating the breacher, and surprise surprise, it boosted them up, yeah, IOI won’t patch it, it’s too much work and it has no point.

Cringe Topic
IOI Loves Muffin
Hard to trigger (on accident) exploit/glitch
Pointless to patch, wasted work/resources

This vid has the boosting in it and the devs are clearly loving it


It makes no sense in my head to change aspects of the game when the purpose was stress testing the servers, clients and the mode itself. Introducing changes to the engine that are not meant to stay would lower the quality of the results.

So “nah it won’t happen” without arguments regarding the work they obviously put in to remove it in the CTT are not very convincing to me.


Not much arguments either to assume this change will transfer to the main game.

My theory: The hideout is the reason why they disabled particles (notice how when you drop anything from your inventory it will go straight to your arsenal).

Leaving all kinds of weapons/tools and mostly particles in the hideout area might have caused problems, so they removed/disabled it all together for the Freelancer technical test.


Will that’s what I’m exactly saying. He isn’t a true SR. Copy cats don’t know the game at all, really.
So what you just said is exactly what I mean. A copycat isn’t a real SR.

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There’s a chance it might be a Freelancer-only change then.

(However! You can still drop non-inventory items from the main house like the banana and wine bottle which will shatter on the floor (don’t remember if there’s particles but they’re unusable afterwards))


Not a Speedrunner myself, though I like exploring Out of Bounds Areas and that would become a whole lot harder with Particles removed.

Also it would just look ugly in an aesthetically sense, when things just disappear after hitting the Ground, which is another reason why I hope this either isn’t implemented or only like this for Freelancer.


Fix your game IO, its unplayable


There’s no fixing C47, Och-y, that’s why the remaster will never happen… :stuck_out_tongue:


Other things that are different than the current (state of the) game…

  1. SA staying lost even after killing a target that spotted you committing a crime.

  2. Slower removal animation of unpacking all sniper rifles (even if they were simply removed before).

  3. This whole particle thing with breakable objects.

Given the 1st example, I’m prone to think that the “version” we got with the CTT was partly based on an earlier or stripped-down version of the game with all the ‘Freelancer’ parts of the code dropped in. But I’m not a programmer so I may be in another galaxy here (let alone ballpark) and way off.

Then there’s the idea of an item not acting as intended, and (if I were a game dev) “fixing” that item to act more as it should. Regardless if that item allows the player to exploit an unintended action. I mean, where you do draw the line? What if players were to find a way to insta-win? Then so many players start using that method. A method to shoot through a wall (“wall-bang”)? A method to teleport you to the top of the skybox? A method to allow you to walk over a banister or flowerpot?

If I were a dev and this was my game - I’d personally be a bit embarrassed that such things were happening. Not so much that it was allowing players to (almost) cheat, but that they were unrealistic to a game that was to be somewhat mostly based on reality (ignoring the other aspects like instantly changing clothes). You can’t be snapped thousands of feet into the sky, fall, and still survive without becoming a stain on the sidewalk. You’re not going to walk over a 2nd story ledge and not end up with some snapped ankles or femurs.

Don’t get me wrong, exploits in speedruns can be one-off “ooh, neato” moments, but I personally couldn’t care any less if such things were removed (e.g. “fixed”) from the game. Maybe because I don’t use such methods or care all that much about a “shoot and leave” style of gameplay.

Edit: But uh, good luck, I guess, all you speedrunners out there. Hopefully, IO will let you keep your toys to play with.


Same. I like to use muffins and violins to explore and take nice photos. Really hope particles won’t be removed.