The Workout Thread - Fitter, Faster, Stronger

Today I pumped really good. Delts and triceps.
I restarted to train after a one month break due to too much heat outside. At first I had problems with endurance but now it seem I gained that back quite well.
I’m making some variations of the exercise I’m doing. I have to sacrifice barbell squats with machine guided squats. My back feel very unstable. I’m looking into it to try something that strengths my core.
I have no problems with deadlifts but to be cautious I’m not going hard on them. In fact I am very careful with squats and deadlifts.
For everything else I’m going very intense.
I might go for a run tonight. I will see.


Put on inflammation cream. Those are a life saver.
I worm up a lot before training just to avoid this. Worse pain ever because your mind is focus only on that when you lift :grimacing:


I’ll ask him next time I see him. If he would recommend it.


The time has come: After 43 years without training I joined a gym today. Had my first real training and I’m pretty sure I will be dead tomorrow. All my muscles will be aching.
I focus on fitness and my back. Not too keen on gaining a lot of muscle, just more strength. Trying to hit the gym twice a week for about an hour.


At the start of the pandemic I decided if I was just going to be at home all the time I may as well exercise. I went from just barely being able to slowly jog half a mile in about half an hour to being able to run at a sustained pace of 7 miles an hour for an entire hour. I never worried about muscle strength as that isn’t my thing, but my endurance is considerably better now than it was two years ago. I am doing 6-7 miles every other day now and on my off days doing half an hour on an elliptical.

No matter how hard it may look like it will be, it’s doable and you’ll see the results faster than you think!


I found a video from when I was 17 with my one rep max deadlift.
Looking back to it I am immensely surprise where I had all that strength and how the hell I was alive. If my diet is bad now back then I only drank 500ml of water before workout and during training.
For the rest of the day it was almost only Red Bull or Coca Cola…
Food instead? My god, I used to eat pasta every day for launch plus a pork steak. In the morning for breakfast I would have 8 eggs. 8 whites and 2 red stuff plus! A bowl of cereals… And a protein shake too.

I weighted 84 kg. I could max one rep 210 deadlift, 135 kg bench press (still one rep max) and 7 reps squat box with 170 kg and here is where I fucked up my back.
When I did squat box I literally would sit down with all the 170 kg on my back and then push explosively with my legs. 8 years later I realize I needed to feel my butt just touching the bench under me and not to sit on it.

Looking at this video I realize how silly I was with preparing for the lift moving my head like an insane person. I got that from Ronnie Coleman and I still do this till today.


Little rant incoming :arrow_down:

Im pretty frustrated because I’m currently stuck for months on the same physique and I’m not making any progress. I have a feeling it’s because of two things.

  1. I don’t always have time to workout anymore. I’m working a parttime job in a fitness myself and each time I’m leading group workouts for an hour. Its based on 50% challenging muscle and 50% cardio. Besides that I workout once a week tops to do my powerlifting scedule.
  2. Im not eating enough. I tracked calories before but my god its an impossible chore. Everytime I try to register shit it shows 100 options from which 50 give wrong information (too much or less cals). And I’m expected to track down everything until the smallest fuckin cookie I eat with my tea. Hell naw bro that shit is exhausting. I’d rather eat as much as I can without tracking chores, but I know even that isn’t enough. I reach 2500kcal a day if I’m lucky. That is when I’m constantly eating till I’m stacked.

So what do you guys advice me? Perhaps any easy bulking recipes that get me covered? Or some workout tips perhaps?


How old are you?
My advice: enjoy the eating without gaining wait as long as you can. Just don’t get used to unhealthy food, or worse, force yourself to eat it. It will stop one day, and then the way back is way harder.

It did for me. I was the skinniest fuck until my mid thirties. People actually wondered if I had some kind of eating disorder, but looking back on it I had a healthy weight.

Now that’s over. My face got rounder, I’m starting got a belly, but the absolute worst, and it is really, literally depressing me: man boobs. A nightmare :frowning: Skinny legs, skinny arms but fucking ridiculous shapes protruding from my torso. Nearing my forties and I’m being bullied by my friends again. Apparently I’m the last free game for body shaming without the slightest sign of remorse from those doing it. The sight is so ridiculous I find it difficult to blame them.

Exercises hurt my bones and joints. Eating healthy has become impossible after 35 years of getting away with all the “good” stuff. I’m addicted to sugar and butter. Three days with too little sugar and my body goes in a frenzy.

I’m screwed :frowning:


Over the last 8 weeks I been following a 7-10 rep range on the big lifts and some supporting lifts. Bench, Squat, Meadow Rows, Triceps rope pulldowns, leg curls and calf raises.

Mixing them with high reps on leg press (16-19 reps), Dumbell Incline press (16-19 reps) Dumbell Skullcrushers (16-19 reps) Biceps curls and hammer curls (10-16).

The goal have been to increase weight every 2 weeks. Start on 7 reps pull/legs/push workout 1. Then 8 at workout 2. Next week 9 on workout 3 and 10 on 4th. The weight stays the same both weeks only change is an increase in reps.

Week 3 more weigh and drop down to 7 reps and build towards 10 again.

I started on 82,5 kg in Bench press and just finished week 8 on 90 kg with 10 reps. Normally i been able to bench 90 kg for 5-6 reps when I did my strength cycles. So it’s an awesome increase.

On the 10 rep day I do drop sets and true failure sets on the core lifts.

Been doing wide bench press to leviate my tight shoulder, which is also why I haven’t trained it directly for 10 weeks or so. But I’ll soon reintroduced shoulder press into the mix. It’s beginning to become less agitated.

I been also working on my Deadlift which is progressing slowly and steady

Next week I’ll do a recovery week with less volume and then one week off. Due to the gym closing for one week to fix the floor.


90kg bench 10 reps is hell of good. That means you can make one max rep with 120 at least.
Great result!


Last workout of the deload / recovery week and next week off while they fix the floor in the gym.

Deloads are important for continuous improvement (gainz). It’s the first time I really deload and I will be doing it around every 8th week.

That said I’m not at all motivated. Even though I do one set less then normal. So 2 instead of 3. But mentally I’m not there, I struggle with the weight I been able to do 3x10 reps for just for 2x10. I’m not able to fully apply myself. It’s a mental blockade.

I can’t wait to get back to my real routine.


Keep your chin up mano! Remember just being in the gym is loads better than most.

Watching World Cup has motivated me to keep working out. I have been pretty good by my own standards (3x a week) but I think I may kick it up a notch to 4 or 5 workouts a week. Every time one of those guys takes their shirt off I’m like “oh yea that’s what is possible if you work out more and stop eating peanut m&ms”

“All we’ve ever wanted
Is to look good naked
Hope that someone can take it.
God save me rejection
From my reflection,
I want perfection”
-Robbie Williams


Finally back from my deload and week off. Spiced up the program with some new excerices with the same rep. Principle.

Still doing bench press. Finished this week’s push program with 3x8 reps on 92,5 kg (203,9 lbs) if I can follow the same 8 week curve as the first 8 week block, I’ll end up on 3x10 on 100 kg (220,4 lbs).


After joining a gym for the first time in my life in September I’ve had my first setback. Been there every second day - no exceptions. But two weeks ago I’ve got the flu. Couldn’t go for almost two weeks. Today was my second time since then. Was really hard again, kind of like in the beginning. Try to get back to my routine with gym-time every second day.


I fell off the wagon a few months back. I’m up at 204 lbs again :cry:. Starting off super easy, but I’m going! I could feel my Santa belly throbbing while I struggled to finish what most might call a recovery day relaxation session :joy:


Bang :boom: 2 for 2 this year! I promise I won’t clog this thread up with daily posts, but I’m feeling pretty good right now. I also went kayaking in the pacific with my wife for about an hour. It’s not exactly exercise as we would paddle and then drift and just enjoying the ocean, but it’s movement.


4 workouts a week so far! Yesterday was a 3/4 mile swim in 47 min. I’m gonna get on the scale Feb 1st but I’m fitting into pants that have not fit in over a year so that’s good.

Edit (Feb 1): Can’t go more than 3 posts in a row but I got on the scale and I’m down 14 lbs in a month. It was 189 lbs and change. I got 17 workouts total for Jan and I feel lighter in my feet. Not eating bread and not drinking my face off 3x a week is less than ideal but for now at least, it’s worth it.


I joined a gym in early January and started going 3-4 times a week. Since then, I’ve lost 7 pounds. I’m doing general weightlifting and some minor running, biking and rowing. Now that most of my body is used to weightlifting (no more post workout soreness), I’m going to focus on leg workout because this should help with my goal of running a 5K under 20 minutes.

@Yacob now you can post again


I may be wasting a post but I’m happy for you and want to encourage you! Keep it up!!!


I pumped really good my arms yesterday. I’m having great results but can’t go much constantly as I would like too.
I have been on a multivitamin called Animal Pak. The results are very noticeable but at the same time I got lots of water retention on my abs. It will go away with summer thanks to my factory job.