Theory connecting BM and WoA

Theory: Alexander Leland Cayne is a Renegade Providence Operative

Here is my theory which ties both Hitman BM and the modern trilogy.

Alexander Leland Cayne actually works for Providence, along with his cronies (such as Daniel Morris).

He presumably had contact with the then constant Janus, during his Langley days, when Janus defects to CIA, which can explain how he gets into providence.

However, with his obsession with cloning, he could have requested the then constant and the partners to get cloning banned to monopolise it.

We know that Janus didn’t like using cloning (as we would know in the Another Life), he would have flatly refused the request.

Because of this, unbeknownst to his superiors, he would use some of Providence Assets for his contracts agency and cloning program.

So, you might ask, how the ica didn’t find out about it? This is because they must have found out about his treachery and eventually cover it all up. The fact that they all got killed helped them to cover up his involvement with them.

What do you guys think?

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Well, on the one hand, the way Blood Money is connected to the WoA story is 47 and Diana being involved in both, 14 years apart.

On the other, I have wondered since Providence was introduced into the series whether they were the real identity of the “Alpha Zerox” conspiracy in the US government, and this theory of yours, with Cayne both using clones and forming The Franchise as that conspiracy’s own organization of professional killers in lieu of having to pay the Agency for their services, it fits with what Providence was ultimately going for.

However, I wouldn’t consider Cayne himself as a member of Providence; he seemed a little too full of himself for that, and bit more “America first” minded, so I don’t think he would have been aware of Providence being a global organization, and adhered to the Alpha Zerox organization under the belief that it was a wholly American conspiracy (it could have been the codename for Providence’s operations in the US), and so he served Providence as an unaware affiliate, like the Sapienza and Haven targets were. Its possible.

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