There should be a "spotted" indicator in the UI

We know that there’s a “Silent Assassin” indicator near the radar, which could help the player know if he already failed the Silent Assassin condition.

I think the “Spotted” indicator is also useful, since there are many challenges that need the player to always not get spotted. Sometimes I’ll realize that I must got spotted some time but I could’t know it in time while I was playing, which would be wasting time.


This is a good suggestion. :+1:

I’ve also thought it would be a good idea to supplement the SA tracker with an “Event Log” with timestamps of everything that has occurred during your current play session.

The PIP and SA tracker are really nice QoL improvements, but I think both still suffer from being a little bit cryptic at times. In the case of “Body Found” in many instances the player already knows which body is getting found, and as such that information is not particularly useful. It would be much more helpful to also include a name of which NPC first finds a body, maybe even with an image or position on the map. I can imagine this being of greater help.

And for players who will inevitably say that such improvements would be “handhold-y”, there should also be a setting to disable such a feature in the settings menu for players who are not interested in it.

However I wouldn’t count on requesting new features or menu settings. That does not seem to be a priority right now sadly.