Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

At the time the made the E3 trailer it definitely wouldn’t have been their intention for it to link to the end of the trilogy. But now years down the line they’ve retroactively added meaning to it (if it’s intentional, I hope it is)

A lot of fantastic pieces of storytelling recontextualise previous pieces of their story to give them more impact (see Vader being Luke’s father)

Future targets, post H3, duhhh :wink:


Oh I don’t think it was planned like that from the start, but it definitely seems that it was the intention of the cutscene.


If we get the photographer on Haven or Hawkes Bay as bonus mission Ill fucking loose my mind. :smiley:

I hope so, that would be really really cool.


we did get him and his name is jordan cross. it’s a shame we never got the hamburger disguise though


The burger costume was worn by a woman and 47’s too thic to fit into women’s outfits. But we did get the flamingo which I’ll remind you was purchased AS SEPARATES at a garage sale if you read the description :joy:


So, I waited like that for about fifteen minutes and still… no dancing 47. IOI YOU HAD ONE JOB!


Maybe he dances in the right outfit? That looks like Grey’s jacket from here.


After watching @GuLe 's video on Dartmoor, had to confirm and indeed: The Druzhina 34 Artic has interchangeable ammo types in the base game!!! Now you can use armor piercing and shockwave round if you please, in lets say, Sapienza or anywhere else.


Oh wow. I didn’t even think to check if that was a thing!

That’s pretty cool!

it is awesome! Also checked on the Sieger Ghost and unfortunately it doesn’t has exchangeable ammo. Well, at least now the Artic is worthy to get after all that grinding!


sorry, no. nothing is worth grinding Sniper Assassin.


Hm yeah maybe as the Florida man? I will give it a try tomorrow :grin:

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Or try the DJ outfit. Maybe he gets into it once he’s behind a mask lol


Thought that might work too but he didn’t do anything. Not at least after three minutes, I’m not patient enough to wait for longer. :joy:

This is friggin awesome! Thanks for letting us know. I go play around with that now.

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Dunno if other rifles have the same but the Woodsman Covert’s scope displays a reflection that looks like images of a place like Sapienza.

The other side is a different shot:

Not even sure if it’s Sapienza or a real place:


After thinking about it, this is clearly a bug.

The wall piercing ammo from Sniper Assassin, as per a previous live stream before they were called IO monthly, the wall piercing bullets just go through everything and never stops. So you can take out the sniper rifle at the entrance and aim for the targets that are ages away and have so many things between you and them and they will die.

Well, it won’t work to get SA unless you put something really well tought.

NowI have the bad feeling IO might remove this in place of trying to balance it.

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i dont know about other snipers, but the Flamingo Suit’s eyes do this too