Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

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So today i’ve found out that the scale on Whittleton Creek says 47:


Playing all missions again in a slow way to prepare for Hitman 3, i’ve noticed that in the first mission, where you have to kill Ritter, Diana sounds so animated and cute, with a lot of energy and proactivity. I have never noticed that before and it’s a cool detail. It makes me wish that 47 and her go together until the end, so i hope no deaths or betrayals are in the middle of it.


Diana originally sounded like she normally does, but then at some point during H2016’s life, they redesigned the start of the Guided/Freeform Training area and they also artificially changed the pitch of the recordings to make Diana sound younger (so now when when you play it she has her normal voice in the FMV cutscenes and sounds like she’s coming off of inhaling some helium during gameplay).

Also when they adjusted the pitch - they missed one line of the dialogue. During Guided Training when you take the mechanic disguise, Diana’s voice plays unaltered.


I never realised this before, but when they made those changes to the Guided/Freeform Training, they changed Diana’s narration over the entrance cutscene.




Since this thread applies to the whole series, you should probably move it to the “Classic Hitman Games” section, as that seems to be the replacement for “Hitman General Discussion” (which doesn’t have a direct replacement in the new forum)

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Anyways, if this thread is moved, so should be the “Hitman quotes” thread that applies to the whole series as well…


I think it was to make her sound younger, but good catch, I always thought the H2 version was the same.

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Well yes, we don’t have any quotes from Hitman 3 because it hasn’t been released yet :woman_shrugging:; although I only ever saw quotes from the latest 2 games in that thread so Hitman 2 category made sense (since H2 included Legacy Pack), which is where it was in old forum

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There is an unbreakable bust in Constant’s tower on Isle of Sgáil. It appears to be same as other marble busts, but it cannot be broken by using it as melee or throwning.

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In You better watch out you can climb a wall from a balcony?! My mind!
video by @IlikeHitman :wink:


wow! there is a whole roof

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Hahahaha. I found this out YEARS later and I also posted about it in this very thread. This is why things I just found out is one of my fav threads. People discover things well after bc the Hitman games are so deep.


Yesterday I learned Zoe Washington actually walks under a chandelier with basically no people around when she exits the gallery room. This would have been so helpful if I knew it earlier when I was still trying to complete Sgail on silent assassin suit only :stuck_out_tongue: .