Things About Other Games You Just Found Out

So we already have the “TAHYJFO” thread, so I figured other games need some love too.

What are some hidden mechanics, areas, references, or neat little details you’ve recently found out about other, non-hitman games you want to share?

I’m sure there’s plenty more out there that a lot of people might not know about.


I’m making this thread because I’m confident there’s lots of content and neat stuff people might want to share about their favourite games.

I just found out about a bunch of hidden moves in the Batman games that the controls never tell you about! This dude actually found 10 (1’s a bug)

Like, first off, I knew about Action Cameras for certain gadgets if you use the “wrong” bumper button. But you can actually trigger this stuff with a glide attack too!

Or even, in Arkham Knight, you can use a move that usually is used to pick up an enemy that fell over to beat them up. But it can also be used on unconscious bodies nearby to extend your combo, deal damage, and perform a unique animation!


I know in Jak 2 you can evade the guards by hugging a wall in a place guards cannot reach even if its right in front of them. Wall hugging is a hidden feature also, walking repeatedly into certain walls toggles it.


Pretty good video, but there’s still a ton more details in the Arkham games:

In City:

  • If you throw Batarangs at the TYGER choppers enough they’ll get pissed off and actually start shooting at you. Speaking of the choppers, during Protocol 10, you don’t actually need to grapple onto the chopper to begin scanning it, you can scan them from the ground or when you’re hanging from a neighboring chopper. Also, it’s always the sixth chopper you scan that has the codes you need.
  • During the first Riddler hostage room, you can use the Line Launcher to skip the whole thing, and Riddler even has special dialogue for this!
  • If a Thermal Goggle thug is still active, you won’t be able to use smoke pellets or fire extinguishers cause they’ll see you through the smoke. They aren’t just for scanning vantage points!
  • During the Mr. Freeze boss fight, you can even use a glide attack to take him down, but this will cause him to freeze the air so you can’t glide anymore. Also, I’m surprised how many people I know who’ve played City don’t know you can use the disruptor on his weapons when earlier in the story you had to use it to take down Penguin with the same freeze gun.
  • Catwoman actually has dialogue with several of the villains in City if you go and talk to them: Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, Calendar Man, Bane, but not Zsasz since she thinks he’s too creepy.
  • There’s a glitch where if you spam Freeze grenades standing on a railing/rope corner you will begin rising in the air. This can be used to get out of bounds. It can also be used to skip the final Wonder Tower predator encounter cause if you get up there without activating the intended doorway, the enemies won’t actually see you and you can easily run up to them and take them out.
  • There are several different interrogation poses for Riddler informants depending on where they were when you interrogated them: against a wall, on the ground, over a railing, and if they’re near the edge of a building with no railing Batman will actually hold them in the air over the ledge (this one’s super rare to trigger).

In Knight:

  • For the Riddler bomb thugs you have to rescue, you don’t need to use the remote batarang with an electric charge. You can also use the REC to shoot them or even run into them with the Batmobile to shock them.
  • The Riddle in Panessa Studios: “You, a father figure, don’t make me laugh! You overwork and break your staff” seems to be referring to the broken staff that appears there near the end of the game. However, you can just scan Robin before this and it’ll still count.
  • If you have the Disruptor - Disable Drone upgrade, that also works on Cobra tanks too! However, you can only find a place to get out of the Batmobile in some of the Cobra encounters. Also, if you have two weapon levels and want to take out a Cobra quickly, you can use the Missile Barrage on its exhaust to quickly destroy it. When using the drone virus, the nearest Cobra is always programmed to investigate the hack.
  • You can start a hack on one of the bombs by going up to it on foot, you don’t need to approach it in the Batmobile.
  • Whether or not there are armed Militia patrolling the streets depends on if there are any checkpoints still active on the island. Once they’re destroyed, all of them will become unarmed thugs.
  • You also don’t need to use Explosive gel on the flying Serpent drones, you can shoot them in the Batmobile with the Vulcan gun or the 60mm cannon.
  • In the main story, the six cabinet layouts with keys you get for Catwoman after doing a Riddler trial in the Batmobile spell out “Batman”, but if you do the first Riddler trial before talking to her in the orphanage you won’t see the B.
  • Ever want to fight infinitely respawning Cobra tanks? Just go over the Bleake Island before you’re supposed to during the Cloudburst section.
  • Even though you only need to do the one Predator room on the return to Stagg Airships, if you go on the other airship there’s a combat and another predator encounter over there that only appear at this point in the game. Presumably they originally wanted you to go to the first airship too.
  • Try saving an enemy with a Detective mode scanner till last, sneak up behind him, and activate Detective mode!
  • In the Arkham Knight unmasked boss fight, you can’t use the Voice Synthesizer to order the men around. However, you can take out the Knight before taking out the men, and then you are able to use the Voice Synthesizer.
  • There are several dialogues you can have with Jack Ryder over the course of the game. You can even notice he’s missing and trigger the Deacon Blackfire side mission a bit early. If you save him, he will be using the ceremonial dagger to defend himself during the attack on the GCPD.
  • Finally, a few weird glitches: If you rescue all the firefighters before the attack on the GCPD they will despawn and not show up again after the attack’s over. When Gotham is covered in Fear toxin if you go inside somewhere and look out (Wayne Tower, Stagg Airships) the skybox will appear its normal color and only change orange when you go outside again. Also, if on the return to Stagg Airships you enter the predator room with Stagg from the other end (the way you entered it the first time around), Batman will glitch out and you’ll need to load a backup save.

Wow. Thanks dude! I didn’t know like 90% of what you just said. :smiley:

This is one of my favourites that I already know about though! My favourite is trying to take them out near a ledge so I can use the ultra-rare ledge animation. It’s fun to see Batman dangle them over, only to drop them with a rope attached.
Pretty sure I’ve seen this happen in both City and Origins.


The shiny colours for houndour and houndoom in Pokémon are based on the colours dogs see


Ooh that’s a pretty cool detail!


Far Cry 4 has multiple endings, but also a secret ending. At the start of Far Cry 4, Pagan Min picks up the player character, and then leaves them alone in a room, promising to return. At which point the player is then meant to escape the building and start the main campaign. But if you actually stay in the room and wait for around 15 minutes, the secret ending is triggered and the game ends. I won’t say what happens for spoilers. I actually heard of this before doing Far Cry 4 and so decided to do this immedietly. It’s actually pretty great but does also spoil stuff from the story that you’re clearly not meant to learn until near the end of the game. I think Far Cry 4’s endings are better than the bad Far Cry 2 endings, the very bad Far Cry 3 endings, and the absolutely god awful atrocity that is the Far Cry 5 ending.

Speaking of waiting around, in Deux Ex Human Revolution, once you’ve gotten past the prologue stage and have arrived at the office building after being augmented, you’re told to meet your boss at the helipad and fly off to a mission where a factory is under siege by terrorists who have taken hostages. Normally you would do some stuff in the office building, before flying off to do the first real mission in the game, where you can try or fail to save the hostages. However if you take too long faffing around the office building, you will be told that the hostages have been executed and told off for taking so long.

And since we’re on the Arkham series, Arkham Asylum has a secret room. In that game you can use an explosive to blow through walls that you can see in your detective vision. In Warden Sharpe’s room, there is a wall that can be blown through, but it doesn’t come up on your detective vision, it just appears to be a regular wall. Inside, there are teases for the unreleased Arkham City. Apparently, I don’t know if this is true, but I believe somebody at Rocksteady themselves revealed this secret, because noone found it by the time Arkham City had come out, so the cool tease was wasted, but I’m not 100% sure of that.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on release had a dual release for the Gamecube and Wii. There is a key difference between the versions however, in that they flipped the screen for the Wii version. If you play the GC version, Link is left handed. But for the Wii version, due to the motion controls, the game was mirrored so Link wound be right handed, and it was considered more intiuitive due to the motion control design. When the Wii U HD remasted came out, if you play on normal, Link with be left handed like the GC version, and if you play the harder difficulty it will mirror so Link is right handed like the Wii version.

In Borderlands 2, the hub town, Sanctuary, has a somewhat secret character in it called Michael Mamaril. He has a 10% chance of spawning in the town and will offer the player a free, decent quality weapon. In real life, Michael was a fan of Borderlands who passed away in 2011 at 22 years old. His friend, Carlo, wrote to Gearbox asking for a short eulogy to be read out by the character Claptrap. Gearbox included him in the game as a tribute to him.

The GTA games are known for having a few secrets here and there, as well as tons of rumours. Those who were on Youtube a decade ago may of seen so many speculation videos about San Andreas hiding things. One easter egg that is true though is that there is a ghost on Mount Gordo you can see between 11pm and 12am.

Sonic the Fighters is a Sonic fighting game made in 1996 by Sega AM2, the creators of Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers. The game had a hidden scrapped fighter in its file, almost complete, called Honey the Cat. Honey was essentially the cat version of Honey from Sega AM2’s Fighting Vipers game. In 2012, Sonic the Fighters got an HD re-release for the Xbox 360 and PS3 (which sadly hasn’t been ported yet to anything more modern.) In that re-release, they actually made Honey a proper playable character. Honey would then get to appear in the Archie Sonic comic series as a significant character in that series own take on Sonic the Fighters storyline, with her being the CEO of her own fashion company. Since then she’s also had a couple of cameos in the IDW comics but nothing significant. Will she ever get a significant role again? Not impossible but she is certainly a far more minor character, but hey if Fang can make his big comeback for Sonic Superstars, anything is possible.

Sonic the Fighters is also infamous for lore reasons. In Sonic canon, a big element is that there are seven Chaos Emeralds, often collected through a game’s plot as macguffins. In Sonic the Fighters, the plot revolves around 8 emeralds, as the winner of the tournament will use all 8 emeralds to power up Tail’s Lunar Fox rocketship to reach the Death Egg II and defeat Metal Sonic and Robotnik. Gameplay wise, the reason there are 8 is because there are 8 playable characters, each holding a Chaos Emerald each, and whoever the player chooses will fight the other 7 characters fight to aquire the 8 emeralds. It’s just been a very funny lore break when Sonic in the video games very firmly establishes that there are 7 Chaos Emeralds (plus the Master Emerald). And in fact the IDW series is doing a mini-series based on Fang the Hunter, and it’s been revealed the plot of that will be Fang hunting for this mysterious 8th Chaos Emerald, which is a very funny callback to this weird plot.

And one more Sonic the Fighters thing: the game cabinet makes a blink or you’ll miss it cameo appearance in Wreck-it Ralph, during the montage of the arcade over the years as various cabinets are switched in and out. Ofcourse Sonic and Eggman would make cameos in Wreck-It Raplh, and there’s a drawing of Tails in the background of the bar scene.


Was playing smash bros and I completely forgot about this spirits reference

I don’t want to describe it so here is what the reference is Paz Ortega Andrade | Metal Gear Wiki | Fandom


Starts Battles with a Bomb-Omb?!

:joy: Jeeeez that is a horribly good deep-cut reference.


Okay, wow… After being terribly disappointed with Watch Dogs Legion’s dropping the “Invasion” mechanic from the single-player of previous games (where you can get invaded by another player and must kill them before they complete a hack on you - I LOVED this in WD1)

I have just discovered that Sniper Elite 5 has continued this trend (much like Deathloop did a few years ago) and has a “Axis Invasion” mode (complete with a leveling system to give you incentive to play).
You spawn into someone’s campaign mission as a Jager sniper, and must kill the person currently making their way through the level (the other player is alerted too, if they die they can reset when the invasion first started, so they don’tlose too much progress.)
This has captured my attention and I am hooked on the idea of it! :exploding_head:

Even cooler, this is apparently available in co-op campaign too (where One invader must kill Two host players)
I highly anticipate the next time Sniper Elite 5 Complete Ed. goes on sale, since I’m sure this will be a great way to fool around with the game when I’m not making my way through it with @Silvereyes.


Okay, well, Batman detail update again, sort of…

The modding community for Arkham Knight is phenomenal and I’m so jealous. (Also just damn that engine will age like a fiiiine wine…)

The animated series suit, gorgeous. Joker-themed batsuit? Epic.
Telltale Series Batsuits?? Hell yeah!


My new favourite April fools joke for a game for the little big planet games they released a free fragrance costume dlc

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