Idea for grasping large threads: Using likes for highlighting posts?

Some threads on HMF have a huge number of replys.
This one Things About Hitman You Just Found Out for example consists of over 3800 posts. For new users, who haven’t followed that thread from the beginning, it’s almost impossible to read through all of that.
Personally, I would love to read what forum members have to say in that topic, but the amount of posts is just too much, so I just browsed a bit through it, probably missing a lot of interesting things.

Now I’m wondering whether there could be a better way to get information from mega threads like the one above.

Since HMF has a like feature for individual posts, I would propose the idea of using likes to highlight or filter posts. Maybe there could be an option for users to temporarily only show posts that have a specified number of likes. That way users could read the most interesting posts in a large thread without having to go through all of it.

What do you think?

I remember there was some like a filter where you could sort posts from most liked to least.
You can push the green button Sumarize This Topic under the initial post of the long thread.
It will show most interesting posts


At the very bottom of the top post in any topic (at least one of any significant length), right above the first reply, there is a button you can click that says “Summarize This Topic”. It will show you the most liked topics in the thread:

You’re viewing a summary of this topic: the most interesting posts as determined by the community.

I don’t know what the exact criteria is (and it might change based on the popularity of the topic) but in the topic you mentioned it seems to filter out anything with under 20-ish likes.

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For @wincenworks consideration, there is a plugin which allows this feature, and I remember our forum had a similar feature… But can’t find it now.
Here’s the link to it:

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Thank you guys!

The topic summary works great, that’s exactly what I was looking for.
I don’t even know how I missed the bright green button in the first place :see_no_evil: