Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

The tie on the signature suit keeps clipping through 47’s jacket, especially when he is hiding against a wall, but the Blood Money suit’s tie does not appear to do that.


Well the BM suit is the same as it was in H2016, it had no clipping issues in the first place. While the signature suit (as well as its reskins like the Bruiser or Agent 17) uses the new model that has that problem since the release of H3 if I remember correctly.

I can only hope one day they will fix them :slightly_smiling_face:


There is dialogue for Grey talking to 47 if you simply take a photo of Hans Lucht alive after you accept the Zana Kazem Mission Story. I won’t spoil what he says, but it’s interesting they added this, as taking a photo of Hans alive is not something that’s going to come naturally to a player.

Also a bit weird that he calls 47, well, Number 47 here, and nowhere else in H2 or 3.


Little slip-back, probably, to calling 47 that when they were younger.


This feels more like a mistake rather than an intentional choice, It’s partly why I thought it was unused for so long, because Grey never calls 47 that.


Maybe it’s the nameless clone brother equivalent of using someone’s full name (middle name included) when you’re very disappointed with their actions.


Yeah maybe Grey wanted to mock him :grin:


I doubt it. I really think y’all are overthinking this.

Except the “number 47” part doesn’t sound mocking. If you listen to the voice line, that part is just him getting 47’s attention, as if he forgot something, the rest of the line does sound a bit like mocking him.


I was actually just joking :joy:

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Today, I wanted to use the emetic briefcase, but it didn’t work. Whenever I placed the remote emetic gas device inside the briefcase, the whole thing, including the trigger, was put inside.

Is this new? Did IOI actually fix it or is this some kind of weird bug?

Were you holding the briefcase when you did it? In order to put anything with a remote trigger in the briefcase and leave you with the trigger, for reasons never addressed, you have to set down the briefcase, place the device inside, then pick it up again.


I have tried it again and I think I’ve found my mistake. Setting the briefcase down did the trick, but it also works standing and holding the briefcase in your hand. However, it takes a second or two for the trigger to appear in the inventory after putting the device into the briefcase. I think that’s what tripped me up earlier. Anyway, thanks for your help.


That’s news to me. That means they fixed the issue, at least partially. I’ll have to try that myself.

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I have never had to place the briefcase down for it to work. For years I’ve done it while holding the briefcase without a problem, but as mentioned, the trigger doesn’t appear instantly - it always take a second or two.


It’s has never worked for me. I came upon this issue by loading the emetic device without setting the briefcase down, then later when I was ready trying to find the remote and not knowing why it wasn’t there. It has never worked for me without first setting down the briefcase.

It’s always worked for me directly placing it while holding the briefcase. PlayStation and XBOX. Yeah, you need to wait a second for the trigger.


Yeah, I’ve always held the briefcase. It just takes a second or two for the detonator to return to your inventory.


There is an extra assault rifle in the “How to Play” screen


It’ll be the Fusil X2000 Stealth as it was an item that you could store in the Safehouse in the Closed Technical Test. This is also why if you pick it up in Chongqing, it will have a gear capacity marker when looking at your inventory (unless they’ve removed it in one of the recent patches - has been awhile since I checked it).

Edit: Nope. Capacity marker is still present.


On my ongoing quest to find the most powerful distraction on each map I’ve made a new discovery. In Miami this vacuum cleaner distracts everyone on the map:

The only problem here: The injured guy on the lower floor. You have to get him there because he won’t take a step. It’s almost as annoying as the prisoner in Colorado. Disrupts the flow with every distraction.

Here’s Colorado:

This TV distracts everyone on the map.

And the other one: Mumbai

Anyone knows any more?