Things About Hitman You Just Found Out

I think it’s because he’s just so wrapped up in himself that he doesn’t care. He doesn’t seem to care about his kid’s party being planned, he doesn’t seem to notice his wife being constantly drunk, and all info about this mission indicates that he had no idea she’s cheating on him because he thinks she wouldn’t dare and, again, he’s too caught up in his own problems, wishing he was back in mob life.


You know how if you have the prestige objective of shooting out three cameras, and you disable the camera recorder in a security room, you can’t complete the objective after that? Well, since the last update(?) it’s now possible.

While shooting out cameras still doesn’t work after deleting evidence, throwing objects to destroy the cameras will. It’s probably not by design since it makes it easier…There’s no risk of being recorded as you throw a propane flask at a security camera :smirk:

watch this be patched out now


Its made with the same material used for The Derek Zoolander Center for Children Who Can’t Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too.


Hardcore Mode fact: Fight you die swinging. Run you die a coward.

Die and you failed no matter what you were doing,.


There is this dialogue of Grey on Sgail I have never heard before, saying to 47 “stealing my thunder” :sweat_smile: I don’t know how to trigger it in the game, though, does anybody know?

It’s at around 3:50min


And sometimes succeed and you still fail.

Wild guess, but I assume it’s from his zoom call with the partners? It could be one of the lines that is triggered if you eliminate the targets before Grey is done with his speech


Given its placement in the video, I would guess it’s something to do with having Lucas say he’ll get the Constant but then 47 gets him anyway.


That’s a contradiction.

Very true yet successful failures are sadly common in Hardcore Mode.


If they’re failures, then they’re not successful. Now, whether they should have been successful, that’s another story.


It’s in another video and the person who made it said it’s on Sgail. I asked them how to trigger it :grin:


Yeah I thought about something like that, too. Maybe when the Constant is alarmed and runs to the helicopter? I will try that…

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Been thinking about the “Number 47” -Lucas Grey thing.

I can only think of, off-hand, that 47 calls Grey “Number 6” when he remembers who he is in the abandoned asylum. So yeah… A harkening back to their childhood days. :man_shrugging:

Although, one has to wonder where and at what point Lucas got his name.

Nah. There’s nothing cowardly about a tactical retreat to get the advantage and/or gain the protection of cover. It’s only unlucky if you should die. And I’d prefer to die that way than stand there and take all the bullets. That requires giving up, and that is the most cowardly thing anyone can do.

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Just realised that with IO website redesign this year, the Easter egg in Chongqing where if you scan the QR code on the back of Hush’s patient’s head with your real life phone - the image that used to come up is gone.



Doja Cat references 47 in a song off her new album

Source (song is NSFW, fyi)


She’s the only one with a writing credit on that track… safe to say she plays or at least is familiar in some way like maybe has seen the films.


NOOOOOOOOOO that’s really painful. I hope they’ll fix that.

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Apparently, she does