Things that I think should be added

I have a few ideas that would completely change Hitman for the better. Starting with custom map variations. This would allow players to create their own variations to whatever map they want. How this would allow us to change the maps: We could change Time of day, NPC’s walk cycles, NPC locations, add/remove trespassing zones to each disguise, add/remove props, add/remove NPCs, add/remove tools and weapons, etc. This new addition could allow IO to make more DLC to give us a lot of props to add to our custom map variations. This DLC would most likely gain IO a lot of money. These variations can be shared and played. These maps could be used to create Contracts. On the topic of Contracts, improvements could definitely be made. Improvements such as: Adding/removing NPCs, make Diana say custom briefings, make requirements like grabbing specific items, create custom stories for our targets, creating custom images to use in the briefing menu(Allow the player to go into the map and take a good picture of the target). These custom briefings could be made by AI voices to sound like Diana, allowing the player to be even more immersed into the custom mission. What would the custom map variations and contracts be if you can’t even properly customize your 47? Allowing us to customize our own weapons would bring in more players as it would implement something most games have by now We could add/remove silencers to weapons. We could change the colors of each part of our weapons. I do have one other suggestion. This would not change the game drastically, but it would make the game more immersive. Custom Outfits would allow the player to further immerse themself into the game. Letting the player swap out parts of different outfits to make the perfect outfit(According to them) would further allow people’s creativity to be used. Ideally we would be able to change colors of all parts, Swap out parts, make custom parts, add/remove accessories, etc.

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I don’t see IOI as a company that disrespects voice actors that much.


I don’t mean it like that. It is just that Diana’s VA couldn’t possibly just say every single briefing for people. An AI would be effective at getting Diana to say what the custom briefings are. It isn’t about disrespect, it’s about actually allowing a cool addition to work. Unless maybe Diana says every word on the English language.

But using AI to replace paid talent is not just a cool addition for the players. They’d be using an unauthorised, stolen, altered version of Jane Perry’s work without paying her for it. It’s unethical.

I’d rather not see AI “voice acting” in games. I would actively avoid any company that includes them.


What would be your solution, then? It is an immersive and fun idea so if you have another way of making that happen, please tell

My solution would be to not have custom voice lines.


I just thought of something, actually. What if they payed her a bunch of money(Like 500k to 2 million) to do this. So she still gets payed for her work and we still get an immersive feature.

If there is an AI trained with the artists voice, the AI should be owned by the artist.


I completely agree, so they would pay her to use her AI voice to do this.

Allowing people to add themselves as an NPC would also be nice.


I think you overestimate how much people would want custom voice lines for it to be profitable. The generic mission briefings during Freelancer are enough (some people would argue too much, given the requests for Diana to be quiet)

It is just a small feature that would be nice to see. You do bring up another thing that they should do, though, which is shutting up Diana

Speaking of Diana they need to add a feature to her that if you eliminate a target before Diana can finish describing said target she should immediately pausen momentary then comment “Hmm nevermind.”

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That would be hilarious