Things to do in H2 before carrying over?

Hi there, maybe not all the details are in yet, but are there things that should be done in H2 before doing the carry-over process?

For example:

  • Items that can only be unlocked in H2?

  • Does the progress for the sniper rifle in Siberia carry over? It think I’m at 17/20, no way I’m starting this over from scratch for that stupid gun.

  • Are some things easier to unlock in H2? For example, do you have to restart the Escalation/Featured Contrat/SA ladders from scratch?

  • Is it too buggy to do right now?

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There are two challenge pack items that aren’t available to unlock in H3: the Jeager Covert sniper rifle from the Sapienza Master Sniper Challenge Pack and the Claw Hammer from the Plumber’s Apprentice pack (also in Sapienza).

H3 also doesn’t have Holiday Hoarders, the Hokkaido Snow Festival or the Mills Reverie escalation in Hawke’s Bay, so you can’t unlock the items associated with those either.

I haven’t transferred progress myself but it’s my understanding that Sniper Assassin mastery is reset back to zero, though you do keep the sniper rifle if you’ve unlocked it.

Escalations and Featured Contracts have a different unlock system but I think most of the unlocks (at least from the previous levels) are already available in H2. (Full list of unlocks is here.)

And, frankly, I have no idea how buggy the whole process is right now.


Thanks! Ah, there was this link in the other thread:

Hmm, I hope you don’t have to redo Featured Contracts from zero. Re-doing 40 FC for that stupid toolbox would be annoying.

What happens if, say, you don’t have the violin, but you already have level 20 mastery in San Fortuna?

You get the toolbox if you have it in H2, but the leaderboards and Featured Contracts completion have been reset.

So I did the transfer. For what it’s worth, you do keep your progress in Sniper Assassin.

You can also auto-unlock items you don’t have from special challenges that got transferred to level mastery. Free Violin, no screwing around with the stupid band challenges!

You also keep your progress for “The Classics” (SA, SASO, etc.). I got the ICA19 Classic without doing anything extra. Yay.

You start the Escalation and Featured Contracts from zero though. Oh well.

All in all, I’m quite satisfied. No bugs, no problems, except the Requiem pack stuff missing, but that’s the case for most players.

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Must have been part of the first day buggy-ness, then. Thanks for letting me know. :+1: (And glad you don’t have to re-grind Siberia.)

In case anyone cares, on PS4 I had all the trophies for H2 and they all popped in H3 immediately after the carryover. Three full minutes of trophies popping. I feel really accomplished! :blush:

The only trophies that didn’t pop automatically are the Sniper Assassin trophies. You have to do those again, but since you keep your challenges, a single SA run per map does the trick.

Since I played H3 before the carryover, I also deleted my local save files on PS4 after carrying over but before restarting H3. I’m not sure if that’s any help with the bugs, but I didn’t have any challenges that stayed completed without getting credit like some other players.

The constant 5 mins of Trophies popping was amazing😀