Things you always do

I very rarely see anyone mention this, but whenever I play Hokkaido I almost always rescue Smith to get the universal key card. Many times I don’t even really need it, but I always get it.

It got me thinking about what other things I do in certain maps, even if I don’t need to. In Whittleton I almost always grab both poisons from the muffin basement, even if I don’t intend to poison anyone.

Whenever I play Hawkes Bay I almost always break into the safe room, even if I don’t need anything in there.

When I play Chongquing I usually grab all three dongles, even I have no intention of going down to the server room.

What other things do you do out of habit, even if they’re pointless?


Whenever I see them, I have to walk between the reporter and her cameraman so she gets annoyed. :grin:


Dubai, Freelancer.

More often than not I’m going for the Penthouse Guard who’s sleeping in a little security room on the Penthouse reception floor. He’s asleep and alone, so it’s very easy to knock him out, take his silenced concealable SMG and his OP disguise - it is allowed everywhere on the map, is allowed to carry snipers, has no enforcers on the lower floors.


I always try to collect at least 3 coins, on the off chance I need to distract or lure any NPCs.


I like bugging the reporter in Paris too. I don’t do it all the time if I’m in a hurry, but if I’m going for a casual playthrough I’ll likely do it.

When going into Rangan Tower, I [REDACTED]

When exiting Paris, Bangkok, or any other exit that has guards by it - I like to drop an illegal item to agro the guards at the last possible second. Even though I can’t see them being mad - I find it hilarious just knowing they are and can’t even get to me. Or Colorado… I’ll get the suspicion meter up before exiting through the front gate.

Almost any time I’ll be doing any sniping I’ll be sure to wear the tactical gear with hat or raven suit.

Santa Fotuna? Freedom Fighter suit.

Mumbai (again). I’ll turn on that radio that makes that one NPC mad. He once ran after me and I could see him in the PiP. I thought it was hysterical. So I’ll be sure to do that every time now.

Edit: It’s not something I do - but would or will likely start doing it. Use the MKII homing briefcase to throw at cameras! :joy:


I have the habit of always bringing a gun even though I have no intention of using it…most of the time. Doesn’t matter how many times I played the mission before or if I know it by heart. I just feel kinda naked without one.


Same. It’s one of the first steps of the HPP; never start a mission without a silenced pistol (the type varies depending on what outfit you’re wearing, and never go without your fiber wire.


Whenever I play through Paris, I say “Look Daniel, she’s nice!” at a certain point and I’m not sure wether to hate myself or the game for conditioning me to do that


Always kill the street performer in Sapienza and Rocco


In New York, l almost always make the job interview to be able to go everywhere except the director office.

I also always bring with me the remote emetic device.

In some maps, where it’s easy to do, I disable the cameras via a console.


Even if I don’t care about silent assassin, I’ll always take the little staircase to the basement in Paris to quickly shoot out the cameras. It’s too easy not to. Also, in freelancer I always have the bad habit of purposefully waving a gun near a public exit :sweat_smile: It’s hilarious when 47 is leaving in the cutscene and there’s a barrage of guards shooting at him. Oh, and the Freedom Fighters suit is always exclusively worn on Ambrose Island. The original wetsuit for that map is boring.

  • Paris/any level with pat down : I always bring the caseless 5mm. A small utilitarian habit that then expanded to all levels for the challenge of “only 5 shots, careful with them”
  • Sapienza : I always delete the camera system out from the ice-cream shop/lawyer building. I realise that the church one would be easier, but the habit stayed from my first hours in the game.
  • Miami : I always take the VIP pass from behind the Event Entrance, accessible through the Stands. I surprisingly learned of it really late (like after Hitman 3 release), and now can’t go without. I jumped a food stand before. It was sloppy.
  • Hokkaido : I always say hello to Jason Portman, he gets mad, he follows me, he gets knocked down, it’s good fun
  • Santa Fortuna : I always take the mansion guard disguise from the guard executed by Rico in the intro. His body can be found by the river.
  • Dubai : 4706, window, oh my god this is so high, 47 you crazy man, lockpick penthouse access.
  • Elusive Target : always in the Blood Money Suit

In addition, I have used the contract creation to make custom contracts for the main missions of Sapienza (both targets, no virus), Mumbai (all three targets marked in instinct), and Whittleton Creek (both targets, no clues gathering).
So I replay them this way.

And the reporter/camera too.


Pick up random stuff that I come across, even tho I never use it.


Hiding bodies in a closet/container or throw them over a cliff, with or even without the hide all bodies complication in contracts mode. I suppose it’s kind of an OCD that I’d go so far to hide the bodies even when I am sure no one will cross path and find them. Plus, you get a sweet +25 exp bonus, which is always nice! :blush:



Another thing I do on every level is change into a disguise at least once. I have done entire missions entirely “suit only” and changed immediately prior to leaving the level, but I always change.


This is me in Freelancer. The disguise is practically free and gives you access to all areas except the caves!


Miami: I often start this level by dropping my gun behind the flamingo guy in the parking, bumping him so he sees it (his expression is always hilarious), then calmly picking up the gun and following him into the guard outpost after he unlocked the door with his magical poultry powers. After that it’s just a matter of waiting for him to leave and disabling the cameras while the guard examines the non-existent gun.

Sapienza: if I’m playing Freelancer and I don’t have SA or targets only as objectives, I’m always gonna kick a few members of the cap gang into the sea.

Paris: most of the time I leave through the basement exit after having blown up every propane tank and extinguisher in there.

Bangkok: I usually blow up a few extinguishers near guards (started doing this in Freelancer for Psy Ops objectives and it’s just too funny to not do it all the time).


I do that too… :scream:


Before starting a showdown, I always use the Beetle car.
47 honking absurdly is a good self-motivator.
A gif you can hear \o/


In Paris I always disturb the TV host :grin:

In Miami I always shoot the aquariums. I don’t know why I do that, I just think it’s fun :sweat_smile: I like to shoot aquariums in general, also in Hawkes Bay or Santa Fortuna

In Santa Fortuna I listen to the conversation between Grey and Rico as often as I can :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In Whittelton Creek I love to listen to Grey explaining the mole mission story, even if I am not doing it, but it’s so stupidly funny :sweat_smile: