Think about it... [joke on 47]

if you think the 7th of april is agent 47’s day… because it’s 04/07. :rofl:

It shouldn’t be 7th April because MM/DD/YY is a specifically American way of writing dates, (though there might be other places that do it in that manner I’m not thinking about) most other places use DD/MM/YY to my understanding.

47 has no real connection with the USA that would incline him to write dates in such a way, so it’s far more likely 47 day would be July 4th instead


It could be February 16th, the 47th day of the year.


That’s why today was a good day for everyone. Today was 2222 :woman_shrugging:


haha. could also be July 4th——04/07 in some countries
that might be a little surprising in English, as the number of the months are not so commonly used.
in chinese we call January “One Month” and February " Two Month" ,etc. So the number of months is very apparant :rofl:

ik… i’m from italy… some things in america are strange.
i wrote it like that because i tought MM/DD/YY was used in the UK too…
but in italy we use DD/MM/YY… but with cardinal numbers for the days (1, 2, 3) instead of ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th… that in italy is 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°…)

so it’s the 4th of july… that is actually USA indipendence day

actually is 4th of july in almost all of the countries

American here, I can confirm that 04/07 is indeed celebrated, every year, in honor of Hitman and Agent 47. Started back in 2001 (after the release of the first game).

It’s observed 6 days before 04/07 in honor of the six day presale the game originally had. Nice touch.

I think 47’s the one who’d be playing the joke.

47: What do you call National Agent 47 Day?
Person: Oh, wait, I know this one…!
47: Care to venture a guess?
Person: Uuuuhhhh… I give up!
47: It doesn’t matter, because you’re dead.




What precisely is Diana reaching for?

47’s “Long Baller”. :upside_down_face:

Wait, I must protest; 47 isn’t wearing gloves!

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